2012 Rental Season

Saturday, June 16th.

Our first big rental check-in weekend of the season. And, even after years and years of experience, I continue to be amazed (read: frustrated) with a handful of  property owners.  They receive leases and checks months in advance, yet forget this arrangement includes prepping their property for the tenant’s arrival??

Common over-sights: cable not functioning (a HUGE problem for most tenants), outside showers not cleaned or turned on, lack of spring cleaning (dusty ceiling fans and return vents), and shortage of basic household supplies.

Today, a tenant checked in and the main electric breaker was off.  That meant a warm refrigerator for their just purchased food.  And, no power also meant the Direct TV system had to be reprogrammed. That was fun…

At the end of the day, I unlocked a home for a late arrival. With the cool breeze, I decided to open the windows.  The older, triple track style storm sashes were still down on ALL of the windows. That was fun, too…

Okay, I had some ice cream.  Feeling less cranky, and recharged for tomorrow 🙂

Sunday: I should note that the majority of our rental property owners work very hard to prepare for the season.  In fact, many owners started out as summer tenants themselves, and they bring that perspective along as a homeowner.  Grateful to those owners for making my job easier! 

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