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November at the Beach

Beautiful fall weather this weekend!


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Bay Front Living!

New on the sale market today!

Wonderful bay location with the bonus of easy access to the beach.

For more details and pictures:  MLS Fact Sheet     Questions?  or 609-967-7950


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The “in between” house?

Single family homes at the shore typically fit into one of three categories:

1) Tear down- based on the condition, age, or size. Of course we have all watched substantial homes being torn down to make way for new structures!

2) New (or newer)- recently completed; and depending on the quality of construction, custom homes less than 10 years old.

3) The in between home- the most challenging to sell as a summer/vacation home.

Even if the home has been well maintained (new roof or siding for example) the floor plan and amenities are important factors to interest a potential buyer.

Some issues such as ceiling height or an obsolete layout require more than just a cosmetic fix.  And managing a renovation project from a distance can be overwhelming.

The current low interest rates provide options for a buyer to justify a higher purchase price for a “new” home.

With an in between home, the land value is the base, and continues to appreciate.  So as a real estate agent, I try to answer two questions:  What is the value (to a buyer) of the structure?   And at what price point does to make more sense for a buyer to purchase a tear down (at land value) and build?

If the layout is functional, updates will help retain the value.  Our HGTV era buyers love new kitchens and baths, as well as uniform flooring such as wood or a high end laminate product.

It can be hard to look at your summer house objectively- especially if it suits your family just fine.  So, consider any upgrades a savvy business decision for your important investment!


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Election Day 2020



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8 Months…

Scrolling through my posts on Twitter from last March:

March 11th, 2020

We live in a town where “social distancing and isolation” are the definition of our winter! Yet I’m still feeling anxious. Grateful for the opportunity to regularly breathe in salt air and walk the beach…

Logical and otherwise calm professionals in the local business community also expressing concerns. It’s the main topic of discussion during our work day. We share our worries regarding family members, and the future economy of our seasonal town.

My posts on March 11th were based on conversations as I went about a normal business day.  Ironically, it was the last time I walked inside the local bank and title company office.

How it started…how it’s going (including pandemic hair color!)


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Expectations for Summer 2021

Rental bookings for 2021 are slightly ahead compared to this same time last year.

A few observations based on my local experience, as well as discussions with nearby shore town real estate agents:

1) We have lost some rental inventory due to owners opting to keep their properties available for family use.  This may be a temporary situation based on current limitations for other travel.

2) More tenants are looking for multiple weeks.  They know that a beach vacation can be a safe break, and a happy experience to plan.

3) Even our long time regular repeats are signing leases and sending in checks early.  They want to be certain their reservations are secured!

4) Homes with pools continue to be popular- ideal for social distancing.

5) There are many requests for pet friendly rentals.  Two of our pet friendly rentals sold this fall, and are no longer an option.  Tenants are willing to pay a surcharge and provide references if an owner will consider their dog (often it’s on a case by case basis).

6) Our rental inventory is constantly changing.  Search our web site and contact me to discuss!  Tim Kerr Sotheby’s web site

Thank you for your interest!




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Happy Halloween!


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2021 Vacation Rentals

If you know anyone looking for an extended vacation rental next summer, our new inventory provides great options!

For example: 422 99th Street, Stone Harbor

I am here to help with any questions:



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Preparing for Cooler Days

A check list for shore owners:


1) Disconnect the garden hose and turn off/drain any faucets that aren’t frost proof (most faucets on decks are NOT frost proof). Turn off and drain the outside shower (often overlooked and those pipes are the first to freeze and break).

2) Close the foundation vents and secure the crawl space door (the newer Smart vents will close automatically).

3) Secure/store trash cans, deck furniture, kayaks, grills, flags, etc.

4) Unless you completely winterize the house (drain the water), turn on the heat to 55- 60 degrees.  The upper floors can be set slightly lower, but not below 50 degrees.  A whole house water shut off valve is an extra level of protection against frozen pipes in the event of a power failure.

5) Open the cabinet doors below all sinks to allow heated air to circulate around the pipes.

6) Lock all windows (especially casement style that open with a crank handle) and sliding glass doors. Strong winds can vibrate a door or window open!

7) Unplug small appliances.

8) Check the kitchen sink for any random food items left in the garbage disposal – run with ice cubes or a piece of lemon.

9) Empty and turn off the ice maker if you won’t be using the house for an extended period of time.

10) Open the lid on the washer and prop open the door to the dishwasher to avoid musty odors.

And ideally, hire a winter watch service for peace of mind.  I am happy to recommend someone if needed.

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Avalon Memories

An older cottage was torn down this week…the original home for my grandparents when they moved to Avalon in the 1950s.

25thStreetThe house was constructed with the help of their children (pictured- my parents, before they were parents, on the job site!)

I was able to walk through the house while it was for sale (owned by a different family since the mid-90s) and remember childhood moments as I wandered room to room.

As a real estate agent, I noted the structural issues along the foundation and the obsolete amenities.  It was an obvious tear down even as I reminisced with my buyers.

One fun memory: my introduction to public transportation…such as it was in Avalon ;)

My grandmother and I would walk to the corner of 25th and Ocean Drive to catch the bus to Ocean City.  This was a BIG deal.  Our full day adventure included shopping at Stainton’s Department Store and lunch on Asbury Avenue.

Change is inevitable. I know I’m so fortunate to have a lifetime of island memories.

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