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Changes at the Shore

As a lifelong area resident, I completely understand the attachment to time-honored shore businesses.

I have wonderful memories linked to specific (mostly food!) establishments in Avalon and Stone Harbor.

In many cases, the original owners have passed on their responsibilities to the next generation. And those “children” may now be at the stage of their lives planning for retirement.

Running a seasonal business is challenging, and I’m sure it’s a difficult decision for owners to cash out.

Our favorite spots will eventually be replaced. And our children and grandchildren will carry the memories of the new places with them into the future.

Instead of lamenting about the “good old days” as we note the inevitable changes around town, we can look forward to new experiences to shake up our routine!

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Electric Island Car

At the end of January, we took delivery of a new Subaru Solterra EV – our first experience with an electric vehicle other than our e-bikes!

For now, I am using a standard outside outlet by our driveway for (slow) charging. I am fortunate to have access to faster charging options within walking distance of my office, but I haven’t used them yet.

Because most of my driving is on the island, the limitations of an electric vehicle are not a major concern. Plus we still have a standard gas car for long road trips.

At 100% charged, the realistic driving distance is approximately 180 miles. An overnight charge will typically add 20% to the battery. So I’ve been plugging in most days after work to keep a reasonable charge.

I haven’t ventured far enough to need to connect to a super charger to complete a trip- I guess that’s next on the list!

Summary- for local driving, it’s ideal. A fun “beach car” for sure!

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Shore Love

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Memories and Connections

I’m at an age where attending funerals is a more frequent activity.

And although the circumstances are sad, I value the opportunity to connect with people I haven’t seen in many years.

Recently, one local resident sweetly said we are all “Avalon cousins” who shared a unique experience growing up on the island during the same era.

We compare notes of our memories, and hear stories of kindness. We chat about teachers who made a huge difference in our lives and wonder if they ever knew the impact. And we laugh about the antics of our childhood.

25th Street beach, February 2024
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Vacation Rentals

Although online vacation rental companies are convenient, there are advantages to leasing with a local managing agency.

The primary benefit is working with a knowledgeable individual who is familiar with both the property, and specific location.

Additionally, the total cost may be less without the required online taxes and fees.

In some areas of the country, the online business model is the only option for landlords and tenants.

However, in resort communities, a real estate office or rental agency may be able to assist.

Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty has offices in Cape May, Stone Harbor, Avalon and Sea Isle City. The agents in each office are local experts in their community.

Tim Kerr SIR Website

I specialize in Avalon and Stone Harbor, and welcome the opportunity to help with your plans!


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Back in NJ

We are home after a spending a few weeks in South Carolina. I was fortunate to enjoy a short winter break while working remotely during a slow time of year.

Our “spring” market will begin soon. I’m glad to be back in the office, and ready for a busy 2024!

Not surprising, our stay was in a peaceful beach community. A morning beach walk was often followed by a bike ride on the sand later in the day. Abundant wildlife provided regular entertainment!

The weather and temperatures varied- including a few storms (but no snow!). On a sunny day, my goal was “out of the wind…and in the sun”.

There was even a freeze warning last weekend (similar to the extreme cold here). The notice from the town reminded residents and visitors to “dress warm” 😉

Bike paths are ideal on windy days
Low tide rides along the beach
You can understand why this is appealing- just like home!
A wild rain storm a few weeks ago
A cloud “rainbow” over a foggy beach
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Aren’t We Lucky?

I often hear this phrase (and use it myself) when discussing real estate ownership.

We might be referring to our timing in the market, a location selection, or how much we appreciate our good fortune.

Yet, we should also admit that we were gutsy and brave. After crunching the numbers and looking at the practical aspects of a purchase, we took the next big step, and actually BOUGHT a property!

It’s impossible to determine the perfect time to buy, especially as it relates to mortgage interest rates or market values. Real estate should be viewed as a long term investment, and eventually, you will be considered so smart for taking that leap of faith!

Building financial wealth is directly connected to real estate ownership.

I have lived and worked in the Avalon and Stone Harbor area my entire life. For 40+ years, I have handled sales and rentals on the island, including personal experience with vacation home and rental property ownership.

I welcome the opportunity to help with your wealth building plans!

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Happy New Year!

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The REAL Seashore Santa

Originally posted Christmas 2008.  

The blog post and Santa were both updated in 2018!


Santa– the life size plywood cut out version- has been an important part of Christmas for as long as I can remember.

Santa began his life of service in the early 1960s at my parents’ first house in Avalon.  He was surrounded by big, multi-colored bulbs on the newly planted shrubs.  Inside that modest Golden Home rancher, 4 little girls hung their stockings on a cardboard fireplace with a plug in red bulb that magically turned the metal wheel to create “fire” .

In the 1970s, Santa moved with our family 5 blocks south in Avalon to a larger, 2 story home with a real wood fireplace.  The colorful exterior lights were eventually replaced with more subtle white bulbs, but the spot light literally remained on Santa.

In the off season, Santa hung proudly on the garage wall- watching us all come and go.  Those little girls grew up and moved out, bringing back grandchildren for days on the beach.  In the 1980s, my young sons were fascinated by Santa, and maybe a bit intimidated based on our attempts to use him for improved behavior!

When my parents downsized to a townhouse in the early 1990s, my father asked if I wanted Santa for our home.  Of course, I was thrilled- and Santa didn’t complain as he was forced to leave Avalon and move “off shore”.

Santa loyally followed us on each move- knowing that he would be given a prominent position (with a flood light) at Christmas.   Years later, he gratefully moved back to the island to become a Stone Harbor resident!

Now coasting past his mid-50s, Santa was showing signs of wear (aren’t we all).

For several years, I thought about arranging a touch up, but it just didn’t feel right.   Thankfully, our niece offered her artistic talents – a perfect fit!

So the newly refreshed Santa is back in his designated spot in front of our home- ready to face another 50+ years by the beach 😎

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An Early Christmas

Merry, Merry!

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