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Supporting Local Businesses

Every venture out for a meal needs a strategy:  picking the right time of day to avoid both crowds and extreme heat, selecting the best seat for social distancing, and then evaluating the establishment’s commitment to safety guidelines.

So far, it’s been a mixed bag.  The lack of enforcement regarding masks (for patrons entering, and the servers) has been my main concern.

The restaurants that follow the guidelines will see a shout-out on Twitter.

Unfortunately, those with lax standards won’t earn a repeat visit.  It’s just not worth the risk.

Business owners have an enormous amount of responsibility and stress this summer – and policing their customers and workers is one more annoying  task.  I get it (and see it in our business as well).

Yet the stakes are too high for all of us to look the other way.

Hopefully I will be able to post about more positive dining experiences in the months ahead.





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Recurring topic- summer rentals

Tenants are calling with questions and legitimate concerns.  Yet they still want to come.

Booking activity remains strong.  Yet potential tenants ask us to clarify the cancellation policy.

Unfortunately, the cancellations for Covid related issues WILL continue throughout the summer.

We have new business from tenants who have not vacationed here before.  Often they are booking weeks recently cancelled by a nervous tenant.

Once here, tenants are grateful to be at the beach and with their family.  They tell us it’s a much needed escape.

Summer of 2020 continues to be an unsettled time for our rental business!

To view rental inventory (and our new Beach Cam!) visit our web site:


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4th of July


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Foggy Morning

Eerie on the beach this morning.


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We Can Do This…

We walk along the beach early in the morning- with a mask at hand just in case we run into friends or neighbors who want to say hello.  Otherwise, we remain far away from others.

I put a mask on when leaving my car to enter the office, and during my work day when I’m in the common areas, or talking with customers /colleagues.

A mid-day walk to the bank (or Kohler’s!) means wearing a mask because of people on the sidewalk.

Masks are required when showing real estate, and social distancing is the norm as we navigate the properties.

The outside dining experience is manageable: wear a mask until seated, and again when the server approaches to take an order or bring food.  I’m grateful for the wait staff and want to be respectful of their well being.

Following the basic guidelines will allow us to continue with our summer season.  We’ve got this!



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Live Web Cam, Avalon NJ

Visit the beach in Avalon NJ any time:


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Look up…and breathe


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Summer Rentals- an update

Really…it’s still June?  It seems like our summer season arrived ages ago!

The high demand continues for vacation rentals; and most calls are for reservations within the next few weeks.

With so many unknowns regarding school and sports schedules, families are hesitant to plan too far in advance.

Cancellations will continue to be part of our challenging summer season.  

The quarantine requirements implemented yesterday for those traveling to New Jersey from specific states will be yet another reason for tenants to cancel their shore vacation plans.

The best visual of the 2020 summer rental business?  An endless  boardwalk game of “Whack a Mole”!

We are grateful for the patience of property owners and tenants.



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Happy Father’s Day

One of my sisters found this gem in her collection of old photos!SistersDad


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Saturday Night at the Shore

By the time I arrived home from work yesterday, our block was filled with people and cars.

The properties are now occupied by either weekly tenants, or summer home owners and their extended family.

It’s not your imagination- the island is definitely busier than typical for mid-June!

One new observation last night:  with the current restrictions in place, there’s no where for anyone to go.

Every outdoor space was in use-  families playing corn hole on the sidewalk, small groups hanging out on their patio, and dinner/drinks on the sundeck.

Because it’s a “school night” for those of us who work weekends, I often joke “Don’t they know it’s 9pm?”  as I close up the house for an early bedtime ;)

I guess THAT’S why it’s so quiet when we are up and out for our early morning beach walk!!






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