Preparing for Cooler Days

A check list for shore owners:


1) Disconnect the garden hose and turn off/drain any faucets that aren’t frost proof (most faucets on decks are NOT frost proof). Turn off and drain the outside shower (often overlooked and those pipes are the first to freeze and break).

2) Close the foundation vents and secure the crawl space door (the newer Smart vents will close automatically).

3) Secure/store trash cans, deck furniture, kayaks, grills, flags, etc.

4) Unless you completely winterize the house (drain the water), turn on the heat to 55- 60 degrees.  The upper floors can be set slightly lower, but not below 50 degrees.  A whole house water shut off valve is an extra level of protection against frozen pipes in the event of a power failure.

5) Open the cabinet doors below all sinks to allow heated air to circulate around the pipes.

6) Lock all windows (especially casement style that open with a crank handle) and sliding glass doors. Strong winds can vibrate a door or window open!

7) Unplug small appliances.

8) Check the kitchen sink for any random food items left in the garbage disposal – run with ice cubes or a piece of lemon.

9) Empty and turn off the ice maker if you won’t be using the house for an extended period of time.

10) Open the lid on the washer and prop open the door to the dishwasher to avoid musty odors.

And ideally, hire a winter watch service for peace of mind.  I am happy to recommend someone if needed.

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Avalon Memories

An older cottage was torn down this week…the original home for my grandparents when they moved to Avalon in the 1950s.

25thStreetThe house was constructed with the help of their children (pictured- my parents, before they were parents, on the job site!)

I was able to walk through the house while it was for sale (owned by a different family since the mid-90s) and remember childhood moments as I wandered room to room.

As a real estate agent, I noted the structural issues along the foundation and the obsolete amenities.  It was an obvious tear down even as I reminisced with my buyers.

One fun memory: my introduction to public transportation…such as it was in Avalon ;)

My grandmother and I would walk to the corner of 25th and Ocean Drive to catch the bus to Ocean City.  This was a BIG deal.  Our full day adventure included shopping at Stainton’s Department Store and lunch on Asbury Avenue.

Change is inevitable. I know I’m so fortunate to have a lifetime of island memories.

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Now to Resume after the Pause!

Back to work full time tomorrow morning (after a beach walk of course!)

PXL_20201009_112851270 (1)


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A Pause…

After a busy summer (that still continues!) it’s time for a brief break.

I will be back in the office on October 15th (yet still connected via email as needed).




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September Sunrise

Colorful sky and stormy ocean!



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Vacation Mode

My summer experience is understandably different from those who are here seasonally.  My busiest work days coincide with our visitor’s vacation days.

Yet I will always appreciate how fortunate we are to live/work here year round.

Friday afternoon, we were able to take a long walk -with the Windrift as the destination!  Reggae music in the background, the Golf Channel on the bar TV,  a nice breeze, and an awesome view = a mini-vacation for a few hours 😎


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Fall update

A bit chilly today!  Fall has arrived, yet we know “summer” will visit several times through to October.

Vacationers and property owners are enjoying the extended season, but the island is definitely less hectic.

The sale market continues at an incredible pace.  In Avalon and Stone Harbor, there are a record 144 properties sale pending with settlements scheduled in the coming weeks/months.  That’s a huge turn over of shore homes.

Several of our rental property owners have decided to keep their homes for family use in 2021.  With the uncertainty of the coming year, time spent in their beach house is a priority.

Likewise, potential tenants are motivated to secure their vacation rentals for next summer; with many requesting multiple weeks.

We hope the reduction of rental inventory will not be an overall trend for 2021, especially with the high demand.




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Fall Beach Days!


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2021 Rentals

RentSignIt’s Labor Day weekend, and that means time to plan ahead for summer of 2021!

Tenants (both repeat and new) are waiting for confirmation of their preferred rental dates.

The increased level of interest for next summer is logical under the circumstances.  Families know that a shore vacation provides the needed break in an environment that feels safe.

We mailed our 2021 Rental Listing Agreements out last week, and I am looking forward to talking with property owners in preparation of another busy season.

If you are an Avalon or Stone Harbor homeowner thinking about offering your property for rent, I’m here to help.

609-967-7950 or


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Making Plans?

After a hectic summer, it’s normal for the local business people to discuss their plans for a well deserved break.

Yet this Labor Day weekend is different.

Our season has been extended at least through September (which is good), so time off will have to wait.

And then, where do we go?

Far away travel destinations are not practical…or even permitted.

Maybe a “staycation” for 2020?  Obviously not a hardship when you live near the beach ;)



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