Stone Harbor- Primary Residents

This information was distributed by the Stone Harbor Realty Owners Association– and applies to year round residents (primary home owners) only:
(Stone Harbor, NJ)— The Borough of Stone Harbor, New Jersey will be making an application through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Program for a grant to qualified property owners to elevate their homes.  This is a reimbursement grant; therefore, should funds be made available, the property owner will be responsible for hiring and paying their contractor in full, and for providing a receipt to the Borough of Stone Harbor for reimbursement submission.
The grant may provide 50-75% of the cost to elevate.  The remaining 25-50% cost share, plus any administrative cost born by the Borough must be provided by the property owner.  The Municipal Engineer estimates the average project cost to range from between $50,000 and $110,000.
Should funds be available, properties awarded funds would be required to post an escrow with the Borough of Stone Harbor prior to the commencement of any work to cover administrative costs.Persons interested in being placed on the list may visit the Construction Office located in Stone Harbor Borough Hall at 9501 Second Avenue, Stone Harbor, New Jersey.  They may also call Zoning Official Joanne Mascia at (609) 368-6813.  Please note:  Intent to participate in this program should be made on or before Friday, February 22, 2013.
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