Unofficial Rules of the Shore

memorialday.jpg 1) Respect an ample boundary line when selecting your spot on the beach.  The shade from your umbrella shouldn’t be over your neighbor’s chair.  2) Check the wind direction before shaking out a towel…or lighting a cigarette (ideally- don’t do either when others are around). 3) If you walk your dog on the beach, understand that other joggers/walkers don’t want to be chased or jumped on (I often hear “he’s just being friendly”).

Off the Beach- 1) Don’t park in front of a neighbor’s house and leave the space in front of your house open.  Shore residents are very possessive of their parking spots. 2) My father was proud of his little seashore lawn- a rare amenitiy on an island of stone yards.  We were taught not to walk on the grass (except the back yard).  That habit has carried over to my little patch of grass- and I feel the same way about the beautiful center islands.  They are often used as mini-parks for dog walkers and children- much to the dismay of the hard working Garden Club members.

All common sense, right?  Then I won’t even talk about riding the wrong way in the bike lane!   Happy Summer  🙂

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