Sad day yesterday- attended a family funeral.

The one positive outcome was visiting with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It makes me appreciate the life long connections throughout our large group.

My mother is one of 6 sisters.  In keeping with the Irish tradition, one became a nun, and the other five collectively added 17 children to the clan (mostly girls).

My sisters and I were known as the “shore cousins”.  And to us, everyone else lived “in the city” (Philadelphia suburbs).  

The city cousins belonged to their local Y or swim clubs…while we crashed the pool at the Concord!  They had parks/playgrounds…we made forts in the dunes.

They still ask “What parish are you from?” and talk about going “down the shore”.  

Now there are 2nd and 3rd cousins in the mix- too many to count.  Basically, we all look alike, and sound alike (those hardy Irish genes).   And thankfully, most of us inherited the same awful sense of humor!

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