Conquering Fear

The last time I kayaked in the ocean, it didn’t end well.  It was almost 1 year ago, and I tanked while heading over the first set of waves.  I was tossed (twisting my back), and then hit by the kayak (providing a lovely black eye).  Needless to say, I didn’t go back out again for the rest of the season.

Bay kayaking is more of a controlled environment.  Calm water and the safety net of nearby docks.

For 2013, my plan was to make sure I had enough arm strength and confidence from bay kayaking before facing the ocean again.

And today was the day.  A quiet morning, low tide, no wind…all the right conditions.

As I rolled the kayak onto the beach, there was a fisherman at the water’s edge.  Oh good…a lifeguard!  Apparently, he did not understand his responsibilities because he left soon after I launched.  Oh well, the drivers of the beach tractors were my back up.

So, I successfully paddled over the waves and out to the calm water.  Watched a beautiful sunrise…and conquered my fear.  Only disappointment?  No dolphins (my main motivation for ocean kayaking).  Will have to try again soon  🙂






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