Irish Roots

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Belfast, Northern Ireland-  my husband was disappointed that Delaney’s restaurant didn’t sell logo t-shirts. The owner said that’s “an American thing”!

On my father’s side: my grandmother was from County Clare in the Republic of Ireland, and my grandfather grew up near Ballymena and the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland.  A real mixed marriage!

They met and married in Philadelphia, and vacationed in Stone Harbor each summer when their 6 children were young.  In the 1950s, my grandparents built a year round house in Avalon.  A family business brought the sons and daughters (some with spouses and young children) from Philadelphia to Avalon shortly thereafter.

After visiting the beautiful windswept coast of Northern Ireland, I can totally understand my grandfather’s love of the shore.  Sand in our shoes… and salt air in our lungs 😉


Pictures from our 2008 trip to Northern Ireland.


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