Sunday Sights

marshgrassSolitude on Memorial Day weekend?  Found it on the bay early this morning (just me and the gnats!)

My 4.6 mile “commute” to work is another story: walkers 3 across in the bike lane, forcing the bicyclists in to the traffic lane.  I move over toward the center island, but wait…here comes a jogger running toward me (I understand the runners prefer the even pavement versus the slope close to the curb).   I try to be a good citizen and stop at the pedestrian walkways near the hotels…hoping the car behind me is in agreement.  Once in Avalon, smooth sailing except for the large groups crossing the street- the “beach chair” rule applies here:  if they are carrying a beach chair, it will act as a protective shield and a car will not hurt them.  Another delay at 50th Street- church is over and there are hundreds of cars and people scurrying to get to breakfast.  Speaking of breakfast, the next hold up is in front of Uncle Bill’s.  Cars double parked, backing up, and turning suddenly if they find a spot.  A few more pedestrian crossings, and I’m here.  Whew!

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    The Beach Chair theory! Brilliant!

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