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New on the Sale Market!

Easy living at the beach!

225 34th Street, Avalon

Modern 3 level townhouse style located just south of the popular shops and restaurants of downtown Avalon NJ.

2 blocks to a wide beach (lifeguards at 35th Street).

5 bedrooms, 4 full baths, 3 decks, 2 zone gas heat and central air.  Updated and well maintained.  Consistent summer vacation rental property with leases in place for summer 2018.

$989,000 furnished

To view the drone video:   Click Here

To view the MLS fact sheet:  Click Here



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Villa Maria by the Sea

If you are walking the beach in the south end of Stone Harbor in the early morning hours, you are likely to pass a few of the lovely sisters on retreat at Villa Maria by the Sea.

My aunt was an IHM (order of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), so I’m a pro at spotting the nuns.  This way I can be extra polite.  You know…for my permanent record!

The clues:  short hair, sensible sneakers, and often a “Nuns’ Beach” t-shirt or sweatshirt.  Oh wait, I just described my beach walk look!  That explains the friendly nods.

Also look for a plain Timex watch (seriously) and the occasional rosary.

The historic  building and grounds are beautiful- a grand Stone Harbor landmark since 1937.  AND the only beach block street lined with modest cars!






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Memorial Day weekend


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2018 Tax Law Seminar

I attended an informative seminar this morning.

Thomas Fitzpatrick, CPA, from the local accounting firm of Fitzpatrick, Bongiovanni, and Kelly provided an overview of the laws (both new and unchanged) applicable to the shore real estate market.

A few key points:

1) The exclusion of gain on the sale of a principal residence did not change ($500,000/$250,000 depending on filing status). Must be owner occupied 2 of the past 5 years.

2) Mortgage interest deduction is now capped at $750,000 of debt.  Current loans secured prior to 12/14/17 are grandfathered under the prior cap of $1,000,000. Home equity interest is no longer deductible.

3) Deduction for state and local property taxes is capped at $10,000 for primary and secondary homes.  If a property is held as a rental, the property taxes are treated as an expense on schedule C of your tax return.

4) Capital gains rates remain the same. Depending on your income, the rate is 15% to 20% (plus 3.8% investment income tax).

5) The rules for a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange (also called Like-Kind Exchanges) remain the same.  An investment property (a rental) can be sold and replaced with another investment property; allowing the seller to defer the capital gains tax due to the IRS and State of New Jersey.

I am happy to help with additional information, or direct you to the appropriate tax professional.










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Rental Property Owners

Every season, the first tenants in a property discover the forgotten maintenance items.

Check before your first guest arrives:

1) Outside shower clean and water on

2) Outside hoses connected

3) Trash cans and lids accounted for (they often “escape” in the winter months)

4) Air conditioning units ready (breakers on, units uncovered, clean filters, etc.)

5) Hot water heater ready (breaker on, or dial turned from vacation mode to appropriate temperature)

6) Cable and Wi-fi functioning

7) Appliances clean and ready (run the washer and dishwasher through a cycle)

8) Screens in windows -check for needed repairs

9) Pillows and mattress pads clean (or replaced)

Happy summer!

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Signs of Summer…

Lifeguard stands, trash/recycling receptacles, and concession stands in place along the beach.

Traffic lights and parking meters/restrictions active.

More police vehicles in circulation…with a few officers on bicycles!

AND, more cars parked on our block…including one in front of our house over the weekend…the nerve  ;)


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Vacation Time!

Yes, there is still time to find a vacation rental for a week (or more!) this summer.

Search availability on our web site:  Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty   and then contact me to discuss.

I am familiar with the inventory and locations, and happy to help you select the best home for your needs.


Thank you for your interest!


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Celebrate with Flowers!

Every spring, I pick up so many balloons washed up on the beach :(  The pictures below are from this morning’s walk.

If you are celebrating an event, purchase flowers rather than balloons.  They look better at the water’s edge!


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An Agent’s Perspective As A Tenant

Even a vacation can be a work related experience.

I was a tenant last week in Naples, Florida. And although rental practices vary by location, many expectations and behaviors are the same.

For example, the owner warned us in advance about major road construction in the neighborhood.  She forwarded notices from the city, with an apology for the unavoidable inconvenience.   I’m glad that we were not caught off guard as we drove up the house- and I really believe it was less of a hassle because we were mentally prepared.

Lesson? Owners and rental agents hate to be the bearer of bad news, yet it makes sense to disclose issues that will ultimately impact the tenant’s use of the property.  The property owner may not have any control over the situation (road work, beach replenishment, nearby construction, etc.) but after a long day of travel, those issues will seem even worse from the tenant’s perspective.

Another observation: we didn’t look through the owner’s welcome book until mid-week when we needed information regarding an appliance.

Thankfully, there were laminated instructions next to all of the TVs (and as with most homes, each TV had a different set up).  The Wi-fi password was prominently posted on the refrigerator.  There was a label on the thermostat to specify the settings for AC.  And there was another laminated note with detailed trash and recycling instructions (although the recycling can was FULL, so obviously the last tenant missed the pick up day).  Does any of this sound familiar?

I sincerely believe tenants want to follow owner’s wishes,  yet the “house rules” should be easy to find.

Notes in the utility room and kitchen will be seen by most guests.  Stickers on a wall of switches may avoid the back yard spot light burning all week.  Anything quirky should be labeled/explained.

We appreciated that the house was clean and well stocked.  The furniture and bedding were all newer. And, there were brooms and cleaning supplies for the crazy sister who cleans on vacation (that would be me).

Overall, a fun week with my sisters…and the bonus of a fresh perspective for the summer rental season ahead.





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Fabulous Fifties

Out of the office message:  Friday May 4th to Friday May 11th.  Back in the office on Saturday May 12th.

A few years ago, my sisters and I vacationed together to celebrate the “baby’s” 50th birthday.

Although we had traveled as a group with our families, this was the first time since our teen years with just the 4 of us under one roof.

Thankfully, we managed to share bedrooms and bathrooms without any major incidents 😉

Rather than wait until next year for another milestone birthday, we decided to celebrate the eldest turning 59.

And of course we will be relaxing on a beach 😎

Ages: 53, 56, 57, and 58… turning 59.

Yes, our parents had their hands full!


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