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More Fall Colors

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Vacation Rentals for 2024

Just as the air turns cooler, we are in full preparation mode for summer of ’24!

Most of our property owners have confirmed their rates and availability, and we always welcome the opportunity to add new properties.

I am here to help with securing a vacation rental, or to represent your shore house within our inventory.

Thank you for your business!

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Voting in New Jersey

New Jersey offers the convenience of voting by mail. It was a necessity at the beginning of the pandemic, and because I checked the box to continue, I receive an official ballot for every election.

It’s especially practical for residents with children (or grandchildren) in the public schools. Teacher Convention Week coincides with election day, and has always been a popular time for family travel. Because the livelihood for many of us is connected to tourism, a summer break is often not practical.

When our sons were young, I would arrange for an absentee ballot if we had a November trip planned. The automatic mailer saves that step.

I will drop off my completed ballot this week to the secure election box. Done!

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Fall Colors

Golden sunrises and colorful trees in the dunes…

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Flooding Facts

During an average day, it’s hard to picture our streets and sidewalks under water.  Yet there are sections of our seven mile island vulnerable to heavy rains and tidal flooding.  When emergency management sounds the siren, and reminds us to “move vehicles and personal property to higher ground”- do most owners know what to do?

Ironically, the areas closer to the ocean are typically high and dry. The bay side (Ocean Drive/ Third Avenue) is more likely to flood.  And for some reason, the business district in both towns can get pretty soggy, too.

When I am working with buyers, I point out the low areas as we look at property.  I know I have discouraged a few sales over the years by describing the effects of a typical winter storm,  but I don’t want a new owner to be caught off guard.  If they still choose to purchase in that neighborhood, the buyer will at least know where to move their car when they hear the flood warning!

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Ophelia’s visit to Seven Mile Beach

Overall, the storm wasn’t as bad as expected.

The winds were brutal late Friday and overnight through Saturday morning. The biggest concern was the amount of outdoor items still in place and not yet secured for the winter.

Thankfully, the flooding was on the minor to moderate level. The heavy rain arrived prior to high tide, so there was time for that water to drain!

Tidal flooding from the bay side of the island covered streets in the usual low lying areas.

The ocean was wild, especially in the inlet between Avalon and Sea Isle City. The spring/summer Avalon and Stone Harbor beach fill definitely provided protection for our dunes and beaches.

I posted pictures on Twitter ( from my storm chasing yesterday.

And we were back to our routine of a long beach walk before work this morning. All good!

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On The Way to Cape May…

For more information:

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Signs of Fall

The sparrows were late arrivals again this year. The sight of the small birds lining the electric wires is a sure sign of the changing season. They feast on the bayberries in the dunes, dive bomb into the nearby swimming pools for a drink of water, and then leave a colorful mess on the sidewalks and cars below! Ah, the charm of beach living 😉

I’ve also noticed Goldenrod starting to bloom. These colorful plants are located in the dunes, the bird sanctuary, and along the nature trail to Stone Harbor Point- and attract the migrating Monarch butterflies!

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Landlord Tasks

We spent last week in South Carolina handling “landlord duties”.

Our previous trip down was in May, so the condo needed some love and attention!

My rental property owner check list-

  1. Find everything and return to its proper location. This is especially true in the kitchen. Occasionally, I agree with the tenants’ storage solutions and change my organizational plan accordingly.
  2. Sand removal- from dresser drawers, under chair cushions, and even in the freezer.
  3. Dust removal- from ceiling fans, the top of appliances, under beds, return vents, etc.
  4. Laundry- wash all bedding, mattress pads, throw rugs, blankets, and bath mats.
  5. Inventory- we provide sheets and towels, so we have to check on the condition of those items.
  6. Replace- swap out shower curtain liners and add new dishtowels, bath towels, as needed.
  7. Unclutter- thing accumulate from a summer of visitors. Sometimes it’s the bonus of newer “beach books”, but often, it’s items that need to be tossed.
  8. Clean, clean clean- that includes all dishes, pots and pans, glassware, and silverware. I don’t want incoming tenants to find crusty food left behind. This also allows me to check for broken and rusty items that need to be replaced.
  9. Repairs- there’s always something that needs attention.

After all of the hard work, there’s a real sense of satisfaction when finished. I know our incoming fall guests will (hopefully) be happy.

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Labor Day Weekend in Avalon

34 years and counting!

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