December Days

After a busy Thanksgiving weekend, the winter solitude of the island has returned.

Yet the temperatures are still mild…for now!


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Festive Friday, Avalon NJ

Stop by our office at 2821 Dune Drive.  We have Power Play logo items (water bottles and coolers) AND the popular Tim Kerr Run t-shirts in ALL sizes.

Because the annual Labor Day weekend race was postponed due to a potential hurricane, we have more shirts than usual.

All donations received will go directly to TK Charities.


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Stone Harbor 96th Street Bridge Update

The 96th Street bridge is scheduled to temporarily re-open by Wednesday, and will remain open through the Thanksgiving weekend.  Great news for the merchants, and of course the annual Christmas parade on Saturday night.

I understand that the bridge will close again next week, with an unknown completion date for the structural repairs.

* 11/26/16  Bridge has been open since Tuesday night, and may be able to remain open during the repairs.  Cars only- large trucks must still use Avalon Boulevard.

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Avalon, Beach Report

Recent coastal storms have caused beach erosion along the north end of the island.  Thankfully, the dune system remains intact- a vital source of protection along Seven Mile Beach.

The Borough of Avalon continues to be responsive, and is working with the State of New Jersey on a restoration project by the spring.

To follow updates, click here:   Borough of Avalon web site

In the meantime:

8th and 9th Street- open access (including the vehicle access road from 9th Street).

10th Street- I was able to walk up the path from the beach yesterday, but the street side of the path is fenced off/closed.

11th to 14th Street- the paths are closed for safety reasons.

15th Street and south- paths open for beach access.

Otherwise, the beaches along Avalon and Stone Harbor are in great shape.

Will continue to post updates from my beach walks and beach drives!



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Tuesday Views


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Super Shore Moon

Perfect viewing weather for the full moon- last night over the ocean, and early this morning over the bay.



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Important info for bay front owners

This subject came up yesterday while meeting with a bay front property owner.

A re-post from June 2016. 

I attended a seminar this morning with important information regarding bay front ownership.

Some Riparian Grants issued between the late 1980s through the early 2000s have the following language:

“This grant is made upon the condition and limitation that there shall be no further filling of the presently flowed tidelands.  If any filling does occur within the presently flowed tidelands herein granted, the title to the lands conveyed herein shall immediately and automatically revert to the ownership of the State of New Jersey, but without any diminution in the consideration paid upon the delivery of this instrument.”

When a property owner installs a new bulkhead (which typically extends out 24″ from the existing bulkhead based on current zoning), the State defines the added 24″ as  ”filling”.  And YES, even if the required DEP and/or CAFRA permits were obtained.

The Department of Tidelands has a new regime, and this enforcement is viewed by attorneys and title company representatives as a method to generate revenue.  Frustrating to say the least!

Bottom line: the State of New Jersey expects the land owner to “buy back” this filled area, even though a large sum of money was paid for the original Riparian Grant.  

Unfortunately, the issue will not go away.  Even if a bay front owner has no plans to sell, their heirs will eventually face the problem.  And because the cost to resolve is based on the value of the land, it makes sense to remove the lien sooner rather than later.

Practical steps if you own a property on the bay:

1) Find your original title work (settlement papers).  If a Riparian Grant was issued on the property, it will be attached.

2) Read the language in the grant- checking specially for the reverter clause referenced above (not necessarily in all grants).

3) If the reverter clause is in the grant, and you have installed a new bulkhead that sits out beyond the original bulkhead, it’s important to move forward with a resolution.  A current survey will be needed to show the exact measurements of the new bulkhead, too.

A local title company and land use attorney can help you apply for a Statement of Non-Interest or a Confirmatory Grant from the State of New Jersey.

I am here to provide recommendations for experienced professionals, and answer any questions to the best of my ability.







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Tuesday Break

A major perk of living AND working by the beach: a quick break to see the ocean!


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Election Day

As one of 920 registered voters in Stone Harbor, I KNOW my vote counts!


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Sunday Sights


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