Month of August- Market Update

Busy month!

salesignIn the past 30 days, a total of 36 properties sold (settlement) in Avalon and Stone Harbor.

Breakdown by classification:

23 single family homes, ranging from an older rancher on 15th Street for $860,000, to a custom bay front home at 107th and Sunset Drive for $3,118,750.  The median selling price of all single family homes- $1,787,500.

10 condo/townhouse style units, ranging from a 1 bedroom condo at 96th and the bay for $227,500, to a 3 bedroom townhouse style on the bay at 80th Street for $1,150,000.  The median selling price of all condo/townhouse units- $665,000.

1 vacant lot-  a bay front double lot on the 400 block of 20th Street- $2,500,000.

multifamily- older duplex on the corner of 30th and First Avenue sold for land value- $1,025,000.

1 commercial unit- 83rd and Third Avenue- a store front and apartment- $480,000.

Plus, there are an additional 81 properties sale pending with settlements scheduled in the near future.  The median asking price of all those sale pending- $1,395,000.

If you have any questions regarding market values in Avalon or Stone Harbor, I am happy to help.

Thank you for your interest and referrals.  I appreciate the business!

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Atlantic City Air Show

BlueAngelsLast night, we were treated to a quick preview of the annual Atlantic City Air Show: the Blue Angels flying overhead!

It’s a great show- and worthwhile even if you just find a spot on the beach in Ventnor.

For more details:  AC Air Show web site

I’ll be there Wednesday…and will Tweet from the beach :)


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Beach Tags

The ongoing debate: Should rental property owners provide beach tags for tenants?

I have mixed feelings.

We are year round residents (and tax payers) and purchase at least 6 seasonal tags each year for our family/guests.  And although most of my “beach time” is before and after official beach tag hours, I appreciate that the beaches are clean and guarded for everyone.  I view beach tags as a worthwhile investment to help fund beach maintenance.

Tenants renting through our office ask if tags will be provided with the rental. Depending on their past experiences with other landlords, many tenants arrive expecting at least a few beach tags left at the property for their use.

Property owners worry that they will have to track down the tag(s) that travel home with tenants by mistake.  It can be a scramble on the Saturday change over.  Tip: one rental owner pins seasonal tags to the beach chairs left for tenants’ use.  That’s a great way to avoid loss.  

Bottom line?  Those of us who use the beach have a shared responsibility to help pay for the maintenance.  Yet tenants often expect that fee to be built into their rental, and appreciate the  added convenience of tags included.  As agents, we stress that if tags are provided, it’s a courtesy of the owner, and the exact number of tags can’t be guaranteed.


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Love This!

With credit to @JimDeFrancesco on Twitter (from Long Beach Island).  Shared sentiment all along the coast!


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Summer Days


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Fall Preview

It’s already starting to “feel” like September.

Cooler temperatures for my beach walks.  The streets are quiet mid-week…and the crickets in the beach path are so LOUD.

Oh, and the colorful views!




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Cedar Island 5K Swim

Those who look good in orange caps…swim.  Those who don’t…volunteer ;)

For race results: Tim Kerr Charities web site


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Cedar Island 5K Swim

CedarIslandSwimIf you have access to the bay in Avalon today, cheer on the participants of the 5K swim around Cedar Island (yes, that’s the official name of the large marsh land between 7th and 20th Streets).

The race starts at 2:45pm from the Avalon Yacht Club, heading south along the main channel, turning east along 20th Street, and then north along Ocean Drive back to the Yacht Club.

A Tim Kerr Charities event:  –  a total of 150 swimmers in the water…plus volunteers on paddle boards, jet skies, and kayaks for support.

I will post pictures this afternoon on Twitter.



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Better Weather

Clouds are clearing after a stormy night.  We needed the rain…and best when overnight rather than ruining a Friday beach day!


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Monday Sights

Walked by a group of serious “fishermen” earlier this morning.  The view made me smile!


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