Fall Sights

Colorful skies, blooming Goldenrod, and demolitions!  Enjoy the weekend…




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Bulk Trash, Wine, Old Cars, and Irish Music?

Busy weekend ahead!

Stone Harbor bulk trash pick up, AND the Savor September Wine Festival 

IrishflagCross over the bridge for the Irish Festival in North Wildwood ;

or the vintage car display on the Wildwood boardwalk.

Wonderful fall weather forecasted, too :)


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Surf Contest

Nice crowd forming prior to the start of the Nuns’ Beach surf contest this morning.  Love watching the little ones prepare.

The ocean was choppy when I walked before work- hopefully the waves improved for the event!



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Nuns’ Beach Surf Contest


The popular Nuns’ Beach Surf Contest will be held Saturday morning, September 13th.

111th Street beach, Stone Harbor. Logo wear will also be available for sale.

For more information: Villa Maria by the Sea


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Flood Insurance- Save $$

Re-posting this info after a recent conversation with an Avalon property owner. By adding 6 Smart Vents, he will save $3600 per year on flood insurance

Original blog post-  4/18/13

Worth searching through your shore house paperwork:

Find your flood elevation certificate (the report is supplied by a surveyor; a separate document from the plot plan). If you do not have a copy, your flood insurance agent will have a copy of the elevation certificate on file.

Near the top of the first page, look at line A-8; a).  This is the square footage of your crawl space.  In the example pictured below, it’s 589 square feet (a small cottage).

Compare this number with A-8 c).  In the example, the net area of flood openings is 168 square inches, with no engineered flood openings (vents).

If the property otherwise meets the current elevation standards, yet the venting square inches do not MATCH the crawl space square feet, the property owner will pay significantly more for flood insurance.

Solution?  Add more vents- specifically engineered vents (like the brand name Smart Vents).  The typical metal grate vent may only provide as little as 42 square inches of qualified venting; in comparison, a Smart Vent = 200 square inches.

Quick math with example:  589 minus 168 = 421 square inches of additional venting needed.  3 Smart Vents (at 200 square inches each) solve the problem.



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September Morning


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Price Reduced

Now $1,885,000    319 84th Street, Stone Harbor

Immaculate bay front home with incredible views!  Ideal combination of a sheltered basin (for swimming), and the open channel (for boating and sunsets!)

4 bedrooms, plus a family room.  2 full baths. Attractively updated throughout.  Over the water dock/deck, 2 floating docks, a swim platform, and 2 boat slips.

Contact me for additional information :  ann@anndelaney.com  or 609-967-7950

Thank you for your interest!


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Better than Sea World!

The conditions were finally just right for ocean kayaking before work:  calm wind, calm waves, and low tide.

I’ve taken a few painful spills over the years, so I am very cautious!

While paddling parallel with the beach, I saw dolphins way out in “the deep end”- too far for me to venture.  Yet, because it was so quiet, I could hear their tails slapping against the water.  Very cool!

I continued with my laps, and then watched as the dolphins headed my way. What an amazing experience – thrilling and intimidating at the same time!  The dolphins are curious enough to swim next to and under the kayak (with the water so clear I could see one eye to eye!)  They stayed near me for a several minutes before continuing their journey.  What a wonderful way to start my day.

P.S. I tanked riding a wave back into shore…but it was SO worth it ;)


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Tis the Season…

For house demolition and beach vehicle permits!

An interesting tear down scenario: Ocean front home on 120th Street, Stone Harbor.  Constructed in 2001.  Purchased in February for $4,116,667, and new owner is prepping the house for demolition.  60′ X 110′ lot.



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