Snowy Sunrise

This never gets old…


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Tax Assessments

houseI’m hearing from several property owners regarding the letter from the Borough of Avalon with an updated tax assessment.

Stone Harbor property owners should expect a similar notification this winter.

Both municipalities are required to maintain property assessments within a reasonable percentage of fair market value.

Periodic reassessments allow the tax assessor to review all property data (recent sales) and make adjustments.

All assessments are broken down in 2 parts: the value of the land and the value of the improvement (structure).  The land value is consistent on a particular block (unless the lot size is different).

The boom of new construction is also big boost to our rateables.  The 2018 tax rate is expected to be lower based on these new figures- a benefit for all of us.

If you have any questions regarding the market value of your Avalon or Stone Harbor home, I am happy to help.  609-967-7950

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Stone Harbor Retreat for $299,000

The ideal year-round getaway close to the beach and downtown Stone Harbor!

162 96th Street, Unit 3, Stone Harbor NJ

For interior and exterior pictures, click HERE



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Market Stats, Avalon and Stone Harbor

UnderContractSignA total of 33 properties SOLD during the month of November.  The overall median selling price was $895,000.

Break down by category:

16 condo/townhouse units- ranging from $320,000 for a 1 bedroom unit at the Merrimack on 80th Street in Avalon; to $1,995,000 for a new 5 bedroom (with a pool) side by side style unit on the bay at 24th Street.  The median selling price of all condo/townhouse style units:  $640,000.

10 single family homes- ranging from $875,000 for a completely renovated cottage in the 300 block of 20th Street; to $3,250,000 for a 2nd from the beach home built in 2000 located on 113th Street, Stone Harbor.  The median selling price of all single family homes- $1,800,000.

4 multi-family sales- ranging from $700,000 for an older 2 unit property on 110th and Third Avenue, Stone Harbor on an under sized lot; to $1,100,000 for a more traditional duplex on 34th Street sold for land value to a builder (the lot is zoned for 2 units. Structure torn down and new side by side units to be built).  The median selling price for all multi-family properties- $905,000.

2 vacant lots- a 50′ X 130′ bay lot on 7th Street sold for $1,830,000; and a 60′ X 110′ corner lot on the beach side of 33rd and First Avenue sold for $2,000,000.

1 commercial sale- a store front on 21st and Dune Drive sold for $390,000.

There are an additional 54 properties under contract, with settlements scheduled for the near future.  The overall median list price of those sale pending - $1,722,450 (the final selling price is posted after settlement).

If you have any questions regarding market values in Avalon or Stone Harbor NJ, I’m here to help!

Thank you for your interest.  609-967-7950

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Sunrise Crew…


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Thanksgiving Weekend Crowds

Perfect weather…and huge crowds for the community events in both Avalon and Stone Harbor.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers said downtown Avalon was so packed that it “looked like New York City- but with 4 year olds” :)

With the mild temperatures, tonight’s annual Christmas Parade will be the perfect way to wrap up the long weekend.




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Festive Friday in Avalon NJ

If you are on the island, stop by our Avalon office today for a FREE t-shirt.

Kid’s and adult sizes available- from all of the Tim Kerr Charities events.

Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty    2821 Dune Drive, Avalon




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November Beach Walks

Wind sculpts the sand…covering the foot prints of the weekend.


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Thanksgiving/Christmas Festivities

BIG holiday weekend coming up in Avalon and Stone Harbor NJ!

Friday 11/24-  Festive Friday along Dune Drive in Avalon.  Stop by our office for a FREE Tim Kerr Race t-shirt. Fun activities for children through out the business district.

If you are wandering around Stone Harbor Friday evening for Hospitality Night (6- 9pm), stop in to say hello and see our NEW office on 96th Street.

Saturday 11/25- Snowfest Saturday in Avalon during the day…and the annual Christmas Parade in Stone Harbor at 6:30pm.

For the full list of events:

The Borough of Avalon

Avalon Chamber of Commerce

Stone Harbor Chamber of Commerce


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Flood Insurance

On Tuesday, I attended an informative seminar on the ever changing flood insurance industry.

Key points:

1) The  updated FEMA flood maps have been approved, and are referenced by insurance companies to quote a flood policy.  The standard zone for most of the island is “A”.  There are fewer “V” zones (considered a location of high risk), plus the addition of “X” zones (the  highest elevation locations with lowest risk).

2) Locations off the island may now be classified within a flood zone- and therefore a lender may require a buyer to obtain flood insurance before closing.

3) Even if a property is located in the higher “X” zone, an owner is wise to maintain flood insurance.

4) A Flood Elevation Certificate is required to obtain a flood policy quote.  The certificate will specify the elevation of the curb (the street), the elevation of the structure, and the details of the crawl space venting.  This document is prepared by a surveyor/engineer.

5) Non-conforming structures will continue to pay an increase of 20- 25% each year until the policy reaches the max rate.  Non-primary home owners pay a $250 surcharge each year.

6) Past flood insurance claims remain on the records for the property- even after a sale.  After 3 claims, FEMA may decline new coverage unless the  owner makes changes to bring the property into compliance (elevating the structure, adding vents).

7) There are higher deductible policies available as an option to save costs.  However, a lender may not approve of a high deductible if the policy is obtained for a new purchase.

If you have any questions regarding flood insurance, I am happy to suggest local insurance agents and/or survey companies to help.




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