Beach Report

Late yesterday, I walked the beach in Avalon from my office (28th Street), north to the jetty.

I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of damage from last week’s storm (see the 2 pictures below).

The sand added  during the recent replenishment (25th Street and north) provided a great buffer for the waves.  From 25th to 28th Streets, there are signs that the dunes were battered by the waves, yet the established dunes remain intact.

In Stone Harbor, the beaches experienced some erosion in the areas from 106th to 111th Street , as well as in the very south end near the Catamaran beach.  The Borough is working on smoothing the paths to allow safe access down to the beach.

AvalonBeach copy13thStreet


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Critters, Adventures, and Beaches

Costa Rica. We started our vacation at Rio Perdido (rain forest with natural hot springs) and finished at the Gulf of Papagayo (Pacific Ocean side).

Our adventures included numerous hikes, zip lining over the canyons and waterfalls, river tubing (nothing like the water parks here, by the way…the required helmet was my first clue!) and of course time on the beach to recover :)

SO much wildlife: monkeys (including howler monkeys that sound like gorillas!), pelicans, iguanas, geckos, hermit crabs, raccoons, coatis (one of our regular pool visitors), and even whales!

One morning, we were kayaking on the amazingly clear water-  looking for sea turtles.  But instead, a whale slowly surfaced about 20 feet in front of us…and then her baby.

An incredible week of experiences.


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I’m back

I’m never “well rested” after a vacation because we take our adventures seriously!

Will post more pictures from Costa Rica after I catch up at work  :)

CostaRica copy

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My Turn :)

Now that our season is quieting down, it’s fun to hear local business people discussing travel plans.

vacationAnd not too surprising…many of us are drawn to beach vacations!

I find that being a tourist is a tremendous learning experience. It’s important to occasionally be on the other side to appreciate a visitor’s perspective.

So, it’s my turn to “learn”…while sitting on a beautiful beach ;)    Will post a few pictures on Twitter!

Back in the office on Saturday, October 10th.



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Store and Secure

DeckIs your shore house ready for a visit from Joaquin?

While I hope he skips on by without a big fuss, it’s smart to be prepared for the heavy rain and windy conditions.

By securing your outdoor furniture, grill, etc. you are not only avoiding damage to your property, but also your neighbors’ homes.

Thankfully, we all have a few days notice to complete this important task.


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2016 Rental Season

I know, it was JUST Labor Day weekend…yet we are already hearing from prospective tenants asking to reserve a property for next summer!

Do we have your rates and availability for 2016?  If not, please touch base with me to review and plan.

RentSignFor a quick reference: Power Play Realty rental page:  click here

I am also updating rental photos this fall.  If there are improvements scheduled, I will work around that area and come back when the project is complete.

Thanks for your business!  or  609-967-7950



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Windy, not Breezy!

It’s “breezy” in the summer months, and “windy” in the off season.

Wild waves and a sudsy ocean this morning!

SundaySunday2 copy

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Stormy Weekend

Stormy ocean and moderate tidal flooding.  But no rain, so visitors will be enjoying their weekend at the shore (including the Irish Festival in North Wildwood).


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Ready for Fall?

I wore a sweatshirt for my morning beach walk…it’s officially fall!

So, it must be time for shore property owner reminders:

1) Make sure all of your windows and doors are secured (locked).  This is more about weather than theft.  Wind can rattle a sliding glass door or casement window open, causing damage to the property.

2) Disconnect the outside hose from the faucet, and schedule the outside shower to be winterized.

3) Rinse the salt water off the beach chairs before storing for the season (but leave a few close at hand for that one last beach day!)

4)  Prepare your deck furniture, grill, and trash containers for a potential fall storm (I prefer NOT to use the word hurricane).  Remove the umbrella, and turn small tables upside down (and chairs if they can blow around).  Put trash cans in the outside shower.

And then enjoy the fall views unique to our island!





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Birds and Butterflies

Southern Cape May County offers plenty of sighting opportunities for birders…and those of us just walking along the beach!

Visit the Cape May Bird Observatory blog for updates:  click here

Today’s view (American oystercatchers):



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