House Rental versus a Hotel Stay

For our vacations, I’ve enjoyed hotel/resort accommodations, as well as home rentals.

When traveling with extended family, a home or condo is ideal.  We can all have our own space, prepare simple meals (with no set time for breakfast!), and still enjoy time together.

For some destinations, I prefer to stay at a resort hotel.  I like when my husband can walk or be shuttled to the adjacent golf course while I hang out on the beach.  For a short vacation, an on site restaurant is convenient, too.

I was thinking about this yesterday while enjoying lunch outside at The Reeds.  Families were riding the double decker pontoon boat on the bay, and boarding the hotel golf cart headed to the beach.  Because we live here, I sometimes forget the resort aspects of our community!

With Covid, the demand for vacation rentals increased. Some families just felt more comfortable with their own space rather than shared common areas.

Observation as a rental agent: “hotel people” adjusting to the reality of renting someone’s private home.  Every property is unique in decor and amenities.  Owners set up their kitchen to their personal preferences.  There might be extra batteries for the TV remote in a junk drawer…or maybe not.  Same with spare light bulbs or a fly swatter! There’s no front desk, or on-call maintenance crew to resolve issues.  Rental agents do our best, yet we are at the mercy of local vendors.

If you are new to the vacation home rental process (either as a landlord or tenant), I am happy to help along the way!






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Vacation Rentals for 2022

Within the next month, we will be connecting with property owners and confirming 2022 rates and availability.

I’m here to help both landlords and tenants with their plans!  609-967-7950


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What’s on your list?

The “September” weather these past 2 days is Mother Nature’s reminder to enjoy the remaining weeks of summer!

My list of things to do typically revolves around restaurants to try before they close for the season.

Because the weather is so nice through the early fall, there’s still plenty of time for activities such as kayaking and bike rides.

When the swallows start lining up on the electrical wires…I know the summer clock is ticking ;)





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Follow the path…


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Grateful for our time with the big and little kids! ❤️


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Shore Real Estate Market

I read this quote by a real estate agent in South Carolina.  Ironically, the statement also applies to the Avalon and Stone Harbor market:

“We are seeing some sellers take advantage of increased values, however, many homes remain unlisted due to the lack of available replacement properties for would-be-sellers. Buyer fatigue is being felt across the area with highly competitive multiple offer situations the norm for most price points.”

If there is an increase of sale inventory this fall, our market should settle down a bit.  I don’t believe we will experience a drop in values as much as a leveling off.

I’ve managed several cycles of shore real estate during my long career…and I’m here to help you navigate through!   609-967-7950

Thank you for your business and referrals!


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Summer of 2021

Based on overall island activity, and our rental business, it feels like it’s been “summer” since April!

I think we all have a seasonal check list…at least in our heads.

There are new restaurants to try; and nearby areas to explore by bike or on foot.  Our kayaks and paddle boards deserve some time on the water; and our stack of beach books wait patiently for a quiet afternoon under an umbrella.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of “summer” ahead.


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Visit from Elsa?

Practical tips to avoid damage from the storm:

1) High winds will relocate deck and patio furniture, as well as trash cans!  Close and tie shut umbrellas, secure deck furniture , and place cushions inside.

2) Store bikes and beach chairs…and any other possible flying objects.

3) Some streets on the island are slow to drain after heavy rain.  Thankfully, no tidal flooding is expected with this storm.  But as a precaution, vehicles are safer in a driveway or a parking lot rather than at the curb.  Check with a neighbor for their experience on a specific block.



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Summer rentals and change over cleaning

Last summer, cleaning services reported  that homes had “heavy use”.  It made sense because tenants were cooking and entertaining at the properties due to pandemic restrictions.

So far this season, cleaners are once again struggling to complete all of their tasks between the change over time of 10am to 2pm.

The issue? An increased number of newer homes in our inventory.  And while perfect for extended family gatherings, that’s more square footage to clean.

If tenants fail to leave the property “cleaning ready”,  the crews quickly get behind schedule for the day.

4pm check in is the norm in many other vacation towns.  We may need to transition in the coming years – especially for the 5 and 6 bedroom homes.

In the meantime, we ask tenants to remove anything they bring in to the home: food, trash, and sand!  This includes sweeping the deck and garage (mainly because the cleaning services don’t check those areas).

Owners are encouraged to provide basic cleaning supplies to help with this process, too.







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TK Charities Event on Saturday

Request from Midge Kerr (Race Coordinator):

Sorry for the short notice, we have had some late openings for volunteers on our bike course for this Saturday’s upcoming charity event, Islandman and Islandkids Triathlons.

We need to keep the cyclist safe while they are  riding their bikes and limit vehicle and pedestrian crossing in front of them until there is a gap and it is safe to allow them to cross.
Time commitment is from 7:20- 9:45am and you are assigned a street somewhere along Avalon Avenue and First Avenue.
Volunteers get a tee shirt to wear during the event, and a large heavy duty event beach tote bag!

Bike Course Marshals can check in and get their race gear Friday from 5-7pm, inside Community Hall, 3001 Avalon Avenue.
This way, race day Saturday, volunteers could go directly to their assigned streets and avoid all the athletes checking in at the hall.

If that is not an option, volunteers can still come race day from 5:30-7am and check in at the volunteer table inside the hall.

Bike course coverage is critical to the safety and success of our event in our community. Marshals must be at least 18 years of age. 

Here is the link to sign up as a BIKE COURSE MARSHAL and sign the volunteer waiver online.

(All other volunteer positions are filled, so please do not sign up for one of them.)
Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated; all are welcome.
Thank you very much-

Midge Kerr


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