Steamy Sunday

Thankful for the slightly cooler air by the ocean for our morning walk, and the ”breeze” as I rode my bike to work!







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Vacation Rental Issues

DSC_0025We are about half way through our summer rental season, and many properties need some extra attention in order to meet the expectations of incoming guests.

1) More detailed cleaning of the ceiling fans, return vents, mattress pads, quilts, and throw rugs. The change over cleaners do not have time to handle these extra tasks.  The number one tenant complaint this week was stained bedspreads and mattress pads.

2) Clean the outside shower- removing any old soap and shampoo.  Scrub accumulated mildew from the walls or floor.

3) Check the condition of the outdoor furniture.  Sweep excess sand from patios and decks.

4) How are the trash containers holding up? Replace broken cans, and rinse out the others.

5) Clean the grill and empty the drip pan (built up grease is a fire hazard).

6) Restock the necessities- clothes hangers, basic cleaning supplies, and some paper products.

7) Quickly inventory the kitchen for adequate glass and dish ware.  Wipe out the silverware drawer and around the kitchen trash can area.

It’s always worthwhile for property owners to visit mid-season to tackle these important items.


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Market Stats, Avalon and Stone Harbor

End of 2nd quarter, 2022.

You can find our new Avalon & Stone Harbor market report with this link -

This is a short macro view of our market. We saw a 14% decrease in total transactions compared to 2021. While the average sale price went up 28%. We are seeing an increased amount of inventory (100 active listings today) – it feels like this trend will continue. 



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Technology and Vacation Rentals

ringElectronic keypads, Ring doorbells, security cameras, and Nest thermostats…all innovations to make our homes “smart”.

Yet how do we balance these conveniences with the right to privacy for summer tenants?

As a rental agent, I appreciate an owner’s ability to remotely reset a thermostat if the previous tenant accidentally changed the settings.  And a touchpad entry is practical for tenants (no keys to lose on the beach!)  Side note: there should always be a key available locally in the event the keypad/battery fails.

Last month, we stayed in a rental cottage in North Carolina while attending a family graduation. The home had a Ring doorbell, keypad entry, and security cameras on the 2 outside patios.  It was odd knowing that the owner could hear our conversations as we entered the house, as well as watch us as we hung out in the back yard.

I’m in and out of homes all year round.  If I see cameras or a Ring doorbell, I wave so the owner knows it’s just me ;)

But tenants don’t want to feel like they are being monitored by the landlord.

As always, we must adapt to new technology while understanding the concerns of owners and tenants.


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Islandman Triathlon

Avalon, NJ:  The annual Tim Kerr Charities Islandman Triathlon will take place Saturday morning, June 25th.





During the bike portion of the race, there will be road closures for the safety of the participants.

For details on all summer events:  Tim Kerr Charities website


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Father’s Day, continued

More classic pictures of my dad and his four adoring daughters ❤️





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Happy Father’s Day

Repeat Post from 2016- 

During a recent move, one of my sisters found so many great old photos from the dark ages (our childhood in the 1960s!)

This one is appropriate for Father’s Day (3 daughters with one more yet to be born).  I’m the one in the middle with the goofy hat…oh wait…

The real estate agent in me has to point out the background:  51st Street in Avalon NJ looking toward the bay- so few houses!


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Summer Views


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Advice from Friends?

Most prospective buyers have family and friends who already own on the island.

And while those relationships can be an excellent resource for general information, a buyer may find the “financial advice” conflicting with the realities of the market.

Current property owners may not be up to date with recent comparable sales.  Or they will encourage their buyer friends to stick firm with their negotiations even if it means losing the property.

I encourage buyers to connect with their friends, yet still make their own decisions. We are all creatures of habit, and therefore believe OUR location on the island is the best.  However, a different neighborhood might be a better fit for your family.

Your real estate agent should also be a trusted source of facts and information.

I’ve lived here my entire life, and have been selling homes in Avalon and Stone Harbor for almost as long!  I’m happy to help with your search.      609-967-7950

Thank you for your business!


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Online Vacation Rentals

Each time I book with an online rental company, I know to verify the authenticity of the arrangement.

With VRBO rentals, I talk directly with the management company and/or look up the owner’s last name to see if the address matches up in tax records.

My preference is to work with a local agency.  They know the home and area, and are accountable for any issues.

My skeptical approach was validated today when I met a prospective tenant who was scammed out of a large sum of money for vacation rentals in Avalon.

The tenant rented 2 separate homes in Avalon via Craig’s List.  Both are actual homes on the island, however, the property owners do not offer their homes for rent!  The scammers created fake listings (properties may have been previously for rent, and therefore easy for someone to copy and paste pictures).

A relative of the tenant decided to walk around one of the homes, and encountered the owner.  When it was determined the situation was a scam, the tenant filed a police report.

In the meantime, family members are scrambling to find replacement properties for their vacation set to start in 2 days.  Plus the gut punch of more money out of pocket.

Tips to avoid a scam:

1) Book with a local, reputable rental agency.  Talk to a real person- even if you are able to book online.  Rental agencies may promote their listings on various online platforms, but booking directly with the agency is typically the most cost effective.

2) Do not wire money.  Most agencies allow credit card or ACH payments on a tenant portal.  Or, send a personal check.

Reach out to me to help!





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