Beach walk scheduled for May 8th!

That’s my plan if the rumors of a May 8th opening are true 😎

Beach access will be limited to walking, running, and fishing.

It’s a start!


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Seven Mile Miles

We have completely covered ALL of the Avalon and Stone Harbor quadrants during our daily “quarantine walks”.

So this morning, we ventured over to Sea Isle City.

Obviously we aren’t the only dedicated walkers looking for a change of scenery- we waived to a fellow Stone Harbor resident on Landis Avenue!

Fascinating to see the different neighborhoods up close, and of course, the awesome water views 😎



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Service With A Smile (behind a mask)

I wonder if some of the conveniences offered by local businesses can remain in place after the crisis?

For instance, I returned Comcast equipment the other day on behalf of a property owner- and wow, what an easy process (compared to past experiences).

And how about: take out food delivered to the back of your car, streamlined drop off for car service at the dealership, and CVS mailing prescriptions?

Social distancing guidelines will require changes to the way our office does business, too.  And in the process, we hope to make the rental check in routine more efficient.

Change is hard.  But change can also help us to improve.  That’s the goal.




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Stalking nearby beaches!

The seawall in North Wildwood is open for walkers, and provides an unobstructed view of the sunrise…and Stone Harbor in the distance!




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Best Guess?

Property owners and summer tenants are asking for my thoughts on this summer.

Of course I don’t know…but I will share my current expectations:

1) The local municipalities will want to avoid a mad rush to the shore, therefore, Memorial Day weekend will have to be low key.

2) The mayors are working together on a limited opening of the beaches in May (exercise and fishing only)- possibly for specific hours of the day.

3) Second homeowners will be officially welcomed back, yet the ban on short term rentals and hotel guests is likely to extend until after Memorial Day weekend.  This will allow for a “soft” opening.

4) Restaurants are requesting flexibility with towns regarding outside seating.

5) When beaches fully open, social distancing requirements will be expected.


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Island Parks

Looking for “views” on a dreary day:

The Armacost Park on 74th and Ocean Drive, and the Stone Harbor public marina on 80th and the bay.


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Listening for Nature

With fewer cars on the road and only a small percentage of homes occupied, the early morning “quiet” is remarkable.

We are able to focus the distinct cry of an osprey overheard, and the thump of the waves against the jetty rocks.

I want to appreciate this peaceful time rather than stressing out over the future (I save the stressing for AFTER the walk!)


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Memories While Walking

Today’s long walk included my childhood neighborhood in Avalon.

Although I’ve lived and worked on the island forever, I find that walking past a specific location or building triggers long ago memories.

The slower pace of our lives has allowed me this gift.

My husband and I started dating in high school, so he is often part of those stories and tolerates my nostalgia!

For example- from the 55th Street Bay Park, the neighborhood kids would take row boats or a Sunfish over to the sandy beach near the end of Fourth Avenue that we considered our “swimming hole” 😎


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Thoughts for Summer, continued

The owner of Relax Concierge (a successful linen and beach equipment rental company)  responded to my recent post regarding expectations for Summer 2020:

All owners should have 2 sets of bedding for each bed ( comforters, mattress pads, pillows). Even if they aren’t cleaned each week it gives the bedding a week to rest.     I recommend this anyway for when renters mistakenly take home a pillow sham.  It drives some tenants crazy.  I totally get it.

Owners should arrange for some extra cleaning time.   Create a cleaning check list that includes all touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, railings that are not normally on cleaning schedule.  Possibly also include the surface checklist to show renters what was done for peace of mind.

Houses with really nice kitchens will be at a premium since many guests will probably prefer to dine in more often.

I’m hopeful that our linen service will be still desired since guests may not want to bring from home and that our guests know we take cleaning very seriously.   I will continue to post about our cleaning procedures as we prepare to reopen. 

All the best,

Regarding the additional cleaning, our agency has discussed extending the change over time to allow cleaning services the opportunity to tackle the extra tasks.


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Sunrise Walk in North Wildwood

Last week, we saw a sign posted for the North Wildwood sea wall permitting access between 5am- 8am.

We headed over around 6am and realized we aren’t the only ones happy to see the sun rise over the ocean!

The walkway starts on Angelsea Drive, and hugs the jetty rocks and dunes along the inlet.  At the end, you can continue onto 2nd Ave and JKF Beach Drive and follow the bike or walking path for several blocks.  We turned around at the boardwalk ramp at 15th (boardwalk is closed).

A nice option until we can resume our normal beach walks!


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