Vacation Rentals and Other Updates

As of June 15th:

1) The public may enter non-essential businesses and shops (with social distancing and other safety practices in place).

2) Outdoor dining at restaurants will be permitted.

The beaches are fully open, and our business community and restaurants are resiliently adapting to the new regulations.

However, this does not mean the end of rental cancellations for upcoming summer weeks.

The reasons for cancellations vary:  job loss, health issues, concerns about occupying a stranger’s home, and/or the worry of sharing space with extended family after months of social distancing.  The decision is not made lightly.  As the rental time period approaches, families discuss and come to the conclusion that makes sense for their situation.

Rental property owners know that we will address each cancellation request on a case by case basis.

Thankfully, the strong demand for new reservations continues.  We are working everyday to re-book the open weeks so that both owners and tenants are satisfied.

As I said last month, it will be a bumpy summer!




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Monday Views


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What’s Open?

Local update:

Island hotels and motels are permitted to welcome overnight guests.  Capacity is restricted to 60% occupancy until June 22nd.   Pools and restaurants at the hotels are not open.

Area restaurants are preparing for outdoor dining.  Once authorized, we will see tables and chairs in unique settings in order to accommodate the demand.

Retails shops are still restricted to “curbside”  business, yet the municipality will work with the shops to display items outside (similar to a sidewalk sale) starting June 1st.

Real estate offices remain closed to the public.  Agents are transitioning back to their offices, and rental check in day will be handled curbside (actually more convenient for the tenants!)

Take out options are varied, and now include cocktails.  Check out the food truck next to the Windrift!


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Signs of Summer, 2020


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Memorial Day Weekend

Every weekend since March 14th strikes me as odd.  Living in a tourist town, I have always worked Saturdays and Sundays.

And while I still may be at a makeshift desk in my family room, there’s not the same sense of urgency or pace.

This morning, we waited until the rain ended to take our long beach walk.  Could I ever imagine spending a Saturday of Memorial Day weekend on a leisurely walk?





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Cottage For Sale- Avalon NJ

Water Views PLUS the ideal location!

Enjoy the beach life in this charming south end cottage while finalizing your plans for future construction.

The project has a head start with a complete set of architect’s plans included in the sale- drawn by Christina Amey Architect, Inc. specifically for this site to capture the sweeping bay views.

The design for the new 3346 square foot, 3 level home features 5 bedrooms (including 2 master suites), family room, and a study. 4 full baths and 3 powder rooms, laundry room, and decks/porches on every level. In the private rear yard, the plan allows for a pool and cabana to complete the perfect seashore home.

Beach access just 1 block away through paths on both 57th and 58th Streets.

For bay enthusiasts, the 57th Street dock is just steps away (swimming and kayaking) and the nearby Avalon Bay Park provides boat launching and docking facilities.

The expansive Avalon park property along the waterway allows for unobstructed bay views from your future home.

The cottage will be sold completely furnished, minus contents of the detached 2.5 car garage, and wall hangings in the home.

For interior and drone pictures: Click Here

5765 Ocean Drive, Avalon NJ  $1,475,000

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Summer Vacations 2020

My observations from MANY conversations with tenants:

Those with serious health concerns for themselves or extended family members are not comfortable moving forward with their lease.  All of the CDC guidelines and intense cleaning protocols will not change their perspective.  This is the tenant who will be sad, yet frankly relieved to cancel their plans.

Others are approaching their vacation rental as an opportunity to FINALLY leave their home and enjoy the shore.  They understand that the situation may not be perfect, but feel overall it’s low risk.  This tenant will come prepared with their own bed pillows and Clorox wipes.  They acknowledge the dining limitations because it’s the same at home.

With the confirmation of beach openings and the hope for outdoor dining (mid June?), prospective tenants who held off making plans are calling to book. Rental property owners are grateful for the new reservations in their open weeks.

It’s a bumpy ride, but we are hanging on!



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Summer 2020

Every summer feels the same…yet different.

Our beach experiences change as our families grow older.  The pace differs depending on the ages of our children and grandchildren.

We love the nostalgia of “do you remember when?” conversations-  especially as we visit our favorite spots.

So how will 2020 line up with our shore memories?

I just don’t know…

So I will try to be patient and grateful,  AND take deep breaths along the way.



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Beach Days

The local beaches will be open for full use as of  Friday May 22nd.

Memorial Day weekend will look and feel a bit different this year, yet we remain grateful to be here…


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Summer Plans

With guidence from our local officials, we are once again able to process vacation rental leases for the summer.

We have  a variety of options available starting in June.

For more details, visit our website: Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty

I am familiar with the properties and happy to help finalize your plans.



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