After the Storm

Mother Nature definitely packed a punch for Mother’s Day weekend!

We were able to drive around yesterday (see pictures on Twitter- @anndelaneybeach), and returned to our normal beach walking routine this morning.

There was some beach erosion- with the ocean washing away the edges of  a few beach paths.  In contrast, other paths are now filled with new sand from the blowing winds.  Until repairs are made, those access paths may be limited.

At Stone Harbor Point, the poles/string marking the protected habitat areas were damaged.  A huge sign was toppled and washed a few blocks south.  And the entry by the jetty, as well as several natural dunes along this vast area, were eroded by the churning waves of the inlet.

The ever changing landscape of the beach!


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Stormy Weather!

Stay dry while watching the ocean roar!

Click HERE for our Tim Kerr Sotheby’s live Surf Cam 

30th Street beach, Avalon NJ


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Preparing Your Vacation Rental For Guests

Tis the season…

Time for power washing, yard clean up, turning on the outside shower, and cleaning the gas grill.

Rinse the outside trash/recycling receptacles.

Check the condition of the porch/deck furniture.  Scrub the cushions.

Clean ceiling fan blades and vents for the AC system.

Inventory the kitchen, and objectively review the condition of items.  Toss all rusty cookie sheets and scratched pans!

Wash the mattress pads and bed covers.  Replace pillows as needed.

Add hangers in the bedroom closets.  Tenants also appreciate a small chair in the bedroom.

Happy spring cleaning!








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Saturday Morning Views

Colorful sunrise this morning!


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Seals on the Beach

From late February until the end of April, we are on the look out for seals resting on the beach.

We are lucky enough to see 1 or 2 each year!

It was cold and windy this morning, and I was tempted to pass on our regular beach walk.  Thankfully, we bundled up and headed out.

This seal was one of the smallest we have ever seen.  And from a distance, it looked like a piece of driftwood or jetty rock.

A volunteer from The Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine was on hand to mark the area (the pup was snoozing in a tire rut) and told us the seal arrived late Saturday and would likely return to the ocean today.

Pictures from a safe distance (zooming in with my phone) so we didn’t disturb the seal’s nap!







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Summer at the Beach

There’s still time to find a vacation rental in Avalon or Stone Harbor NJ!

Search our web site: Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty   and/or contact me to help.



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Early Morning Solitude

The sunrise, a few feathered friends, and this morning, a large pod of dolphins!




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How’s the Market?

On national news, I hear various descriptions of the current real estate market.

The most creative so far (from a segment on the Today Show): “savagely unhealthy”

With the lack of inventory, buyers are forced to compete against many other interested parties.  This in turn leads to frustrated customers…and ultimately higher prices.

During my 40 years in the Avalon and Stone Harbor real estate business, I have navigated a variety of market cycles.   Despite those fluctuations,  for the majority of property owners, a shore home remains one of their best investments.

We watch the numbers on our retirement account statements change, and likewise, the market value of our homes.  The numbers remain paper gains or losses until we are ready for our next adventure.  With real estate, we have the unique benefit of renting the property to generate income if needed.

I appreciate the opportunity to help with your local real estate plans!    609-967-7950






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Signs of Spring

A few stalks of green dune grass are starting to appear.  Warmer days ahead!


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Beachwalking = Realestating ;)

Beautiful views in all directions!


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