Spring Weather

Hope you are able to enjoy this amazing week of sunshine!

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Spring Cleaning!

Check List for Rental Property Owners


launder all mattress pads, bed quilts, and blankets

replace pillows as needed

wipe out dresser drawers

clean under the beds

dust ceiling fans and AC return vents

wipe down blinds, window sills and clean windows/doors

Living areas-

vacuum all sofa and chair cushions

spot or professionally clean furniture as needed

organize or store away decorative items 

dust ceiling fans and AC return vents

wipe down blinds, window sills and clean windows/doors


wash all dishes, glassware, silverware, pots/pans and organize in cabinets

toss any broken/rusted items (cookie sheets have a short life span!)

replace broken utensils and add items as needed for a well stocked kitchen

wipe out refrigerator, microwave; clean toaster and coffee maker

run cleaning cycle on the oven, clean the glass door and stove top/grates

wipe out all cabinets and drawers

organize under the kitchen sink

leave open space in several upper cabinets for tenants’ food


replace shower curtain liners and leave a spare

clean out under the sinks, and leave a few cleaning products

recaulk around the tub or shower as needed


wipe down appliances and clean lint filter

provide detergent appropriate for the machine

organize shelves and cabinets

Miscellaneous- inside

leave a reasonable supply of light bulbs, batteries and cleaning supplies

wipe out all interior trash and recycling containers

leave instructions regarding trash and recycling


clean the outside shower- remove old soap and shampoo

check on the condition of the outside hose and nozzle

scrub down the outdoor furniture

rinse out the trash/recycling cans

clean the gas grill – including the drip pan

provide a grill scrubber for tenants to clean the grates after cooking

In addition to 40+ years of handling rental properties in Avalon and Stone Harbor, NJ, my husband and I personally own a rental property. My go to cleaning tools are Glass Plus (safe on most surfaces), Magic Eraser (cleans smudges on painted surfaces as well as other tough to remove stains), and a duster with an extension pole (ceiling fans and return vents).

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Spring at the Shore

The temperature can vary 20 degrees over the course of the day. Fog is common in the morning and evening. Additional layers are usually needed for a beach walk – depending on the sea breeze.

Yet, it’s always worthwhile to bundle up to see the ever changing wildlife (a mix of year round “residents” and seasonal visitors).

Within the past few weeks, I have encountered baby seals resting on the sand, bald eagles and osprey searching for their next meal, and dolphins riding the waves during my regular beach walks. I was not as enthusiastic about spotting the well fed skunks!

See you on the beach 🙂

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Flood Insurance for Avalon and Stone Harbor Owners

I attended the Flood Insurance presentation Tuesday evening at the Stone Harbor Borough Hall.  Very informative.


FEMA has updated how properties are rated.  It’s the first major change since the program started back in 1968.

The process is now data driven.  The elevation certificate is just one aspect of the information used to determine the cost of the policy.  As of March 2023, all flood policies have been switched to this new rating system.

Data reviewed: replacement cost of the structure (determined by FEMA), number of floors, distance to a body of water, flood vents, and ground elevation.  The location of the mechanicals is an important factor. All equipment must be installed at the 1st floor living level or higher, including the outside AC condenser unit.

As long as a home was built in compliance with the flood maps at the time, a homeowner will not be penalized on the rate. 

New homes will now pay a higher premium based on the value of the structure.  Although hopefully this cost is offset with the required compliance on elevation and mechanicals.


The Community Rating System (CRS):  each town earns credits for a variety of activities (outreach programs, stormwater management, open space preservation, construction standards, etc.) and these credits determine the discounts available to property owners.

Currently, Avalon has a class 3 rating (35% discount), and Stone Harbor has a class 7 rating (15% discount).  Stone Harbor is working to improve their rating and expects to upgrade to a class 6 (20% discount) this year.

Private insurance is a viable option for owners of non-conforming structures.  There are approximately 10 companies offering coverage in our area. The private companies are able to insure beyond the $250,000 cap of FEMA.  The  insurance agents also suggested a FEMA policy plus an excess policy if a homeowner requests additional coverage.

For non-confirming structures, FEMA uses the “improvements” figure on your tax bill to calculate permitted improvements.  The municipality has to look at all improvements during the past 10 years to determine if any allowance is remaining.

On FEMA policies, the cost increase is capped at 18% per year.  Private insurance companies are not regulated with a price cap.  And FEMA policies continue to be transferable from a seller to a buyer.


The public will have access to a floodplain data program called Forerunner.  A potential buyer or property owner will be able to view elevation certificates, risk assessments, and flood zones for specific properties.  

Ann  3/16/23

Be sure your HVAC equipment is elevated!
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Three Years…

Reading through my old blog posts is a sobering reminder of our shared experience these past 3 years.

It’s been a roller coaster ride of worry, fear, stress, and hope. The forced downtime provided perspective, and for me, even more appreciation for where I live and work.

We’ve had to change and adapt. And randomly, we realize that the pandemic has altered how we approach so many situations.

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An Early Spring!

Our compact “yard” is in full bloom!

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Selling an island…one property at a time!

While catching up with one of my long time owners (I handled the purchase of their current Avalon home 30 years ago) we discussed the length of time in our respective professions. I joked that not only have I been selling Avalon and Stone Harbor real estate for over 40 years, my office locations have all been within 3 blocks of my current spot.

That conversation prompted me to really think about ALL of the properties I have sold over the years.

While driving the length of the island, I realize that there are only a few streets where I haven’t listed or sold at least one home. Humbling!

I am grateful for my long real estate career and the wonderful relationships established with so many families. And of course I am still here for your future business and referrals!

“A Lifetime of Experience”

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New on the Sale Market!

Completely renovated 2nd floor unit in the perfect Stone Harbor NJ location.

A quiet residential neighborhood (with bay views!) and an easy stroll to downtown restaurants, movie theater, and charming boutiques.

For more details, photos, and a virtual tour: MLS Link

Please contact me to discuss! 609-967-7950 ann.delaney@tksir.com

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Important Reminder for Owners

Effective Spring 2023, both Avalon and Stone Harbor will implement new trash and recycling container requirements.

Stone Harbor:

“Standardizing trash can size to 64 gallons (31.8” long x 24.25” wide x 41.75” high), equipped with wheels and a bar that allows the can to be tipped into the truck. The Borough will provide a list of retailers where homeowners can purchase the cans. Required compliance is set for May 1, 2023”.


“As previously announced, the Borough intends to purchase and distribute new, uniform roll off solid waste and recycling carts for the community in 2023.  These roll off carts will improve efficiency with trash collection while restricting trash from impacting the marine environment”.

Property owners in both towns are reminded to remove non-compliant containers prior to the summer season so tenants/guests do not inadvertently use the wrong trash or recycle cans.  Bulk trash pick up in early May will be an ideal time for disposal of old cans.

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Sotheby’s International Stats

The agents and staff of Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty are proud to contribute to this success!

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