We live on an island…surrounded by water.  There are many days when we can actually SEE the moisture in the air.

This unique environment requires homes to be properly vented to prevent damage from moisture and mold. 

1) Crawl Space: open the foundation vents in the spring and replace the crawl space door with a screened door (Richardson’s Screen on 39th and Ocean Drive will make one to fit).  Remove any debris in the crawl- especially wood products.  Left over decking is “lunch” for termites.  Unless your ground regularly floods, a vapor barrier is recommended (basically, a thick plastic cover for the dirt).  Close the vents/ crawl door in the fall to protect exposed water pipes during the cold months.

2) Attic: The soffit vents (around the perimeter of the house) need to be clear of insulation.  Newer homes have ridge vents to help with air flow.

3) Drainage:  Most newer homes do not have gutters.  This drives the home inspectors crazy!  Make sure water does not flow toward the house (and into the crawl space) after a heavy rain.  Also check the water flow from the outside shower- proper grading will help.  Trim landscaping away from foundation vents.  And remember the old landscaping design with raised beds and railroad ties?  This is a termite and moisture combination that will ultimately cause major problems.

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