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Wild Wildlife

As I described my fox encounter with co-workers, they joked that I’m the “Jane Goodall” of the island!

An ordinary beach walk in the off season can turn extraordinary with a sighting of a snowy owl, a seal sunning by the jetty rocks, an eagle, or even a spout from a whale viewed on the horizon.

Two weeks ago, I spotted a fox crossing the street while I was waiting for buyers to arrive at a sale property. It was the middle of the day, and the fox looked at me for a few minutes before moving on.

Because I’m now aware of its existence, I didn’t question what I was seeing on Wednesday evening. We were walking in the bike path (ironically to avoid skunks!) and the “Stone Harbor fox” was sitting on the curb.

The fox slowly approached us, even as we backed away.  Yikes!  I guess he thought we had food?

Of course I wanted to take a picture- it’s not true unless you post it on Twitter ;)

So, stay alert on your beach and street walks!




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Beach = Love


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Chilly Beach Walks

The sun has returned…as well as the cold “sea breeze”!


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Beach Treasures

I will admit, I’ve become a bit of a “cat lady” with my sea glass and sand dollar collections.

The winter months are especially profitable with finding beach treasures during my regular walks.

On display around my house, I counted a total of 18 sand dollars, plus several jars of colorful sea glass.

Will bring some of the haul to my office to share with customers!



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Colorful Winter Mornings

In the winter months, the daytime sky is often gray.

Yet the ocean moisture that creates those low level clouds, also provides for a colorful show at dawn.

Brilliant shades of orange, pink, purple, and blue coat the morning sky…and then fade to gray just after sunrise.

That’s my incentive to bundle up and hurry down to the beach!





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Football Fans

My father was an avid Eagles fan, and had season tickets for many years. He and my mother would drive from Avalon to Veterans Stadium on home game Sundays.

Our dad shared his enthusiasm for the team with his four daughters- with the younger two carrying on the family torch of fandom :)

My younger sisters know the stats, the players, and the rules.  And, they despise the Cowboys!

For me, past Super Bowl games were more about entertainment and commercials.  But last night, I was proud to wear an Eagles’ t-shirt and cheer for the team…and my family.

P.S. Thursday 2/8/18    My 2 sisters are in Philadelphia for the parade!!






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Saturday Sights

Frozen at the water’s edge…



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Disclosure- Flood Insurance

A home was recently listed for sale in Avalon with all new interior finishes on the 1st floor. Because I know the area, I asked the agent if the house was flooded during Sandy (2012) and/or Jonas (winter storm in 2016).

The agent confirmed that the home was damaged and repaired using flood insurance funds after both storms.

Why is this important? Other than fundamental disclosure rules, a buyer should be aware of the history because flood insurance claims remain on the property even after a sale.  Basically a permanent record .

The flood insurance rate charged to the new owner will be based on the elevation of the structure and past claims.

If the structure is elevated or demolished (and replaced with a new home), the owner will request a re-evaluation of their flood policy and benefit from a lower rate.






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Winter Beach Treasures

Very “profitable” morning walks this week-  found a total of 5 sand dollars and a unique variety of sea glass!

Treasure hunting tips:

Search at low tide – plus easier to walk on the hard sand!

Check around the jetties -items accumulate near the rocks.

Sand dollars are usually in the hard sand down by the water- sometimes partially buried so easy to miss.

Sea glass is often mixed in with clusters of small shells near the water’s edge.  A sunny day helps – easier to see a reflection off the glass.

Happy hunting!




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Sunrise Colors

Views that make my freezing beach walks worthwhile…


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