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Think Summer!

It’s easy to search vacation rentals on the Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty web site ;

As well as sale opportunities on the Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty MLS search page

And I am here to help!  or  609-967-7950

“A Lifetime of Experience”


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Winter Beach Walk Tips

ShoesCold mornings mean it’s time to change up my daily beach walk routine.

1) Sneakers are not warm enough for me in the winter.  I wear sturdy hikers for warmth and stability.

2) Our wonderful summer “breeze” changes to a chilly winter “wind”; most often from the northwest.  Walking near the dunes provides some protection from the gusts.

3) Beaches are not groomed in the off season, allowing the soft sand to pack down.  Plus, the moisture in the sand freezes, creating a firmer surface for walking.

4)  Hat, gloves, and a winter coat are necessities.  I also swear by wool socks and ski pants.   Occasionally I leave the house thinking I am over dressed for the walk…until I reach the path!

See you on the beach :)


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Morning Beach Walks

Looking outside this morning, I could only see a huge dark cloud over the ocean.  I bundled up and headed to the beach… not expecting to see much of a sunrise.

Yet once I crossed over the beach path, the view vastly improved!

Today’s beach walk pictures:





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Christmas Shopping

A few more weeks to enjoy the perks of shopping locally.

So many reasons (besides avoiding the crowds at the mall!):

Quality merchandise on sale.  Personalized service.   Boxes and/or wrapping at many shops.  Avalon and Stone Harbor logo items.  Summer themed options (like beach chairs/towels, salt water taffy, holiday beach tags). Unique gifts, including handmade crafts/art.  And did I mention the sales??

And then finish the day with a dinner break at one of the popular restaurants or bars.

Merry, Merry!



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Sunrise Views

Rainy afternoon and evening at the shore…

At least I saw the sun before work!



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8221 First Avenue, Stone Harbor- Ocean Views!

What’s better than a typical marketing ad?  A sincere review from a recent guest!

“Hello, Ann: We had a great time and we really loved that house. Everyone agreed that it’s in the best location in Stone Harbor: everyone took chilly walks on the beach, I played tennis a couple of days. It’s just a great spot. Thank you for everything.”

For the detailed MLS sale link: click here

For vacation rental information: click here

Thank you for your interest.  or 609-967-7950





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Back to Fall

After a few days of “winter”, fall weather has returned.



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Stop by Friday!

I will be giving away sand dollars and sea glass to customers who stop by our Avalon office during Festive Friday to say hello.

We also have Tim Kerr Charities t-shirts from the summer race events.

On Friday evening, our Stone Harbor office will be open for Hospitality Night.  Pop in to warm up, and enjoy some wine and snacks :)



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Preparing for the COLD!

A repeat of a recent post based on the weather forecast.

frozenpipesA check list for shore owners:

1) Disconnect the garden hose and turn off/drain any faucets that aren’t frost proof (most faucets on decks are NOT frost proof). Turn off and drain the outside shower (often overlooked and those pipes are the first to freeze and break).

2) Close the foundation vents and secure the crawl space door (the newer Smart vents will close automatically).

3) Secure/store trash cans, deck furniture, kayaks, grills, flags, etc.

4) Unless you completely winterize the house (drain the water), turn on the heat to 55- 60 degrees.  The upper floors can be set slightly lower, but not below 50 degrees.  A whole house water shut off valve is an extra level of protection against frozen pipes in the event of a power failure.

5) Open the cabinet doors below all sinks to allow heated air to circulate around the pipes.

6) Lock all windows (especially casement style that open with a crank handle) and sliding glass doors. Strong winds can vibrate a door or window open!

7) Unplug small appliances.

8) Check the kitchen sink for any random food items left in the garbage disposal – run with ice cubes or a piece of lemon.

9) Empty and turn off the ice maker if you won’t be using the house for an extended period of time.

10) Open the lid on the washer and prop open the door to the dishwasher to avoid musty odors.

And ideally, hire a winter watch service for peace of mind.  I am happy to recommend someone if needed.

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Tuesday Views

A nice morning for a beach walk…before the COLD weather arrives.

Be sure to join us in downtown Avalon and Stone Harbor for the long holiday weekend!

Our 2 offices are centrally located for a quick warm up ;)




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