Fall Colors at the Beach


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Observations while walking

Guess it’s the real estate agent in me!

While walking, I tend to notice if something is not quite right.  I am often closing storm doors and pool gates, returning trash cans to the side yard, or investigating if I see an unusual amount of water around a house.

I will notify an owner (or their agent) if a window or door is left open.

The local police are very responsive when I call, yet have expressed frustration if they don’t have contact information on file.

Properties with alarms are required to install a Knox Box with a door key inside.  All other home owners should share a cell phone number with the police department for emergencies.

AND, my annual reminder that a “winter watch” service provides peace of mind, and helps to protect your valuable asset!

P.S. This storm door was blown open the other morning.  Called the agent who works with the owner so that the door and outdoor light can be repaired.


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Fall Storm

A beautiful holiday weekend at the shore.  Perfect weather for the annual Seafood Festival today in Avalon.

The storm did not bring rain- just moved the water surrounding our island!

This morning’s high tide should be the last of the moderate flooding on the bay side.

Ocean waves caused some erosion to the beach.  Yet no issues accessing or walking along the beach before work 😎

We are thankful for the well established dunes in place all along the 7 mile beach!




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Sea Mist, Stone Harbor

Just Listed for Sale!

Efficiency style condo located in the heart of town and SO close to the beach.

Priced to sell – $249,000

For details and photos: MLS information

Please contact me with any questions 609-967-7950.

Thank you for your interest!


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My husband and I typically take a vacation in October- just after our busy summer season.

This year, we have a BIG trip planned for early December (hint- it involves vaccinations and a visa!)

As my social media “memories” display pictures of past trips, I am reminded how fortunate we have been to travel to many wonderful locations.

The other morning I commented to my husband that we are usually on vacation this week…ironically while walking on the beach.  I laughed at my statement-  knowing that people are envious of our before work routine!

Island life 😎





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A “To Do” List for the Fall

It’s still beach weather, but we know the cooler temperatures are coming.

Make a note on your calendar to:

1) Winterize the outside faucets, shower, and sprinkler system

2) Close the crawl space vents

3) Secure your trash cans, grill, outdoor furniture, etc.

4) Lock all windows; especially important for the roll out/casement style that can vibrate open from the wind

A winter watch service is highly recommended, too!

In the meantime…enjoy the September summer days 😎



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September Views

Cool and colorful mornings on the beach…


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Preparing for 2020

When meeting with rental property owners to discuss rates and availability for 2020, it’s odd to reference “last summer”.  Wasn’t Labor Day just 2 weeks ago?

A few items to consider when setting rental rates for the upcoming season:

1)  Overall gross rental income was up, yet the total number of leases on the island was down 6% over the year prior.

2)  Tenants are value conscious and have the ability to shop around on the various rental web sites. Competitive pricing is key.

3)   As potential tenants click through their search options, quality photos and accurate descriptions of the amenities will help “sell” your property.   Please let us know about planned updates for 2020.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to represent your vacation rental property!

Please contact me with any questions:  609-967-7950   or   ann.delaney@timkerrsir.com





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Summer Rentals- cleaning issues

An observation as we wrap up our busy rental season: cleaning arrangements should be expanded to include exterior areas.

With so many larger homes now in our inventory, the gap with cleaning was especially evident this summer.

The change over cleaners typically handle only the interior of the house.  That leaves exterior decks/porches and porch furniture, pool areas, the cabana, grills, and outside showers untouched.

We hear complaints from tenants about sand on decks, food remnants on the grill, and used soap/shampoo left in the outside shower.

Rental property owners should talk with their cleaning service to add on these additional services.


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Fall Colors

Noticing the changing color on the tips of dune grass on my morning beach walks…


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