Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Happy 2020…and of course, more beach days!



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The REAL Seashore Santa

This entry was originally posted Christmas 2008.  The post and Santa were both updated in 2018!

Thanks for


Santa- the life size plywood cut out version- has been an important part of Christmas for as long as I can remember.

Santa began his life of service in the early 1960s at my parents’ first house in Avalon.  He was surrounded by big, multi-colored bulbs on the newly planted shrubs.  Inside that modest Golden Home rancher, 4 little girls hung their stockings on a cardboard fireplace with a plug in red bulb that magically turned the metal wheel to create “fire” .

In the 1970s, Santa moved with our family 5 blocks south in Avalon to a larger, 2 story home with a real wood fireplace.  The colorful exterior lights were eventually replaced with more subtle white bulbs, but the spot light literally remained on Santa.

In the off season, Santa hung proudly on the garage wall- watching us all come and go.  Those little girls grew up and moved out, bringing back grandchildren for days on the beach.  In the 1980s, my young sons were fascinated by Santa, and maybe a bit intimidated based on our attempts to use him for improved behavior!

When my parents downsized to a townhouse in the early 1990s, my father asked if I wanted Santa for our home.  Of course, I was thrilled- and Santa didn’t complain as he was forced to leave Avalon and move “off shore”.

Santa loyally followed us on each move- knowing that he would be given a prominent position (with a flood light) at Christmas.   Years later, he gratefully moved back to the island to become a Stone Harbor resident!

Now coasting past his mid-50s, Santa was showing signs of wear (aren’t we all).

For several years, I thought about arranging a touch up, but it just didn’t feel right.   Thankfully, our niece offered her artistic talents - a perfect fit!

So the newly refreshed Santa is back in his designated spot in front of our home- ready to face another 50+ years by the beach 😎


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Time to Plan?

Take advantage of the holiday downtime to search for your 2020 vacation home!

For local sale information:  MLS Search 

For vacation rental information: Summer Rentals

I appreciate the opportunity to help with your plans (609) 967-7950  or ann.delaney@timkerrsir.com

“A Lifetime of Experience”


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Back from Africa

Wow…what a trip!  Every day was a different and unique adventure.

The landscape was expansive, and greener than I expected due to the excessive rain.   And who knew that a brown river could be stunning?

In between safari camps, we drove through small towns and villages- a harsh reality check.  Toddlers and young children enthusiastically waved hello as they played along side of the road.  It was both heartbreaking and joyful.

Locals were happy to share their culture, traditions, and knowledge of the animals with us.  Tourism is important to their economy and they encouraged us to return.





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I’m Away From My Desk…

We are traveling to a far away land for our next adventure – a trip booked 1 ½ years ago!

The picture below provides a clue on our destination!

I will be returning to the office on Thursday December 12th.

P.S.  Our travels are possible thanks to my loyal customers.  I’m so grateful 😊


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So Very Thankful…

Happy Thanksgiving from the beach :)


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Ignore the Weather!

The wind is howling and rain is beating against the office windows.  Seems like the ideal time to plan a summer vacation!

Visit our web site:  Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty  and/or email me with your requirements.


Thank you for the opportunity to help with your plans.



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Beach Walks

THIS is the best way to start a busy work day!


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Synthetic Stucco Siding

Based on my years of real estate experience, I express concern to buyers considering a home with synthetic stucco siding (versus real cement siding).

The manufacturers and contractors disagree on the “fault”, but either way, the product has not performed well in our damp seashore environment.

The material is porous and absorbs moisture.  Without a suitable moisture barrier,  wood behind the siding stays wet and eventually rots.

Unfortunately,  a homeowner has no idea until the product is removed and lumber is exposed.

This home in Stone Harbor was recently sold – and renovations have started.





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Thanksgiving at the Beach

So many wonderful events scheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving.

In Avalon:  Chamber of Commerce events in downtown Avalon NJ

In Stone Harbor:  Island Holiday events in downtown Stone Harbor NJ


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