Tim Kerr Charities 7 Mile Run

Sunday, September 3rd at 8:30am.

Avalon NJ

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2024 Rental Listings

It’s already time to work on the paperwork for NEXT summer!

If you are planning to offer your Avalon or Stone Harbor home for rent in 2024, it makes sense to get an early start.

With the renewal of current listings, I am including the following note (a version of a previous blog post):

Summary of the 2023 rental season:

In the fall of 2022, we were busy confirming the 2023 reservations for repeat tenants. These are the families who return year after year (often to the same home) and are not hesitant about planning almost a full year in advance.

Yet for many tenants, it’s more practical to commit to vacation dates after discussing with family members over the winter holidays. After January, we expect rental inquiries to ramp up to fill in the open weeks.

Unfortunately, 2023 was different.

After years of travel restrictions, summer vacations could now be defined with a broader view. 

So was the lower demand in 2023 a blip? Probably. The nostalgia of a traditional beach vacation remains strong.

However, property owners should be aware that pricing is a factor with vacation decisions. Tenants expect value for their hard earned dollar. We need to face that head on as we discuss rates for 2024.

And one last note: the rental market is rarely in sync with the sale market. It’s two different business models. There have been many years when rental rates remained steady, while property values climbed considerably.

I’ve been fortunate to handle Avalon and Stone Harbor vacation rentals for 40+ years. As always, we will adapt and move forward together.

ann.delaney@tksir.com or 609-967-7950

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Cedar Island 5K Swim

Start time 10:55am TODAY from the Avalon Yacht Club.

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Expanding Our Reach

Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty will be opening a new office in Sea Isle City in early fall.

The location will be 33 42nd Street, Sea Isle City.

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Steamy morning!

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Endless Summer?

It’s certainly possible with a late summer or early fall vacation at the beach!

Visit our web site to search for options:


And, I am here to help with the details.

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If Only…

A customer was talking about the new condo projects above commercial space in Avalon, and asked my opinion (overall) if sale prices could go any higher?

I’ve heard that question so many times during my 40+ years in the industry!

And, the question is typically followed by “If only I had purchased back in _____, when I could have bought _________ for $__________.”

So, yes, history confirms that the prices will eventually increase.

A buyer may feel like they are over paying at the time, yet eventually, they can brag how savvy they were to purchase at the shore 🙂

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding values in Avalon or Stone Harbor.

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Mid-Summer Cleaning

We are now at least 9 weekly tenants into the summer rental season (depending on the owner start date) and the properties are beginning to feel their “age”.

Extra attention is likely needed on the ceiling fans,  air-conditioning return vents, and outdoor living spaces.  The weeds in the landscaping and/or stones may be taking over the yard.  There might be multiple empty containers of shampoo and pieces of used soap in the outside shower. The drip pan under the grill probably needs to be emptied.

It’s always worthwhile for owners to be on hand for the occasional change-over for these reasons.

If you need assistance with extra projects , I am happy to make recommendations.

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Driving in NJ

While our grandson is here visiting, he’s learning the nuances of driving in New Jersey!

The other night, the challenges included bridges, flooded street (it was after the storm), and distracted pedestrians.

But the highlight was getting gas, and saying the phrase “20 regular cash”!

As lifelong NJ residents, we don’t give it a second thought, but I found a Google definition that made me laugh:

What is 20 regular cash?

This term is relevant throughout the entire state. In New Jersey, it’s illegal to pump your own gas, making ’20 Regular Cash’ a common phrase. Translation? “I would like you to put $20 worth of regular gas into my car, please and I will pay with cash.” The amount of gas received for $20 may vary.

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Beach Tags- Lost and Found!

At this point of the summer, tracking down wayward beach tags becomes a full time job 😉

Tip for rental property owners who provide tags as a courtesy for their guests:

Pin the tags to an item that will definitely stay with the house after the tenant checks out (a beach chair or beach wagon for example). Some owners have a lanyard with the house address so that all of the tags are in one spot.

Tags are a nice perk for your tenants- yet it’s frustrating when they disappear midway through the season!

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