Summer 2018 to Summer 2019

RentSignAnd just that fast, it’s time to transition to the next vacation rental season.

Our 2019 Rental Authorizations will be mailed later this week.  I am looking forward to meeting /talking with property owners regarding their plans for next summer.

Tenants often provide suggestions for a more comfortable stay.  This summer, I heard requests for additional reading lamps, more wine glasses, better kitchen knives, complete cable channel package (to watch a Phillies game), and basic supplies of paper products/detergents to get them started.

And as in past years, we face the occasional disconnect between change over cleaning responsibilities and incoming tenant’s expectations.

For example, if the departing tenant does not clean up around the exterior of the property at the end of their stay, the new tenant will be upset with the condition. Specific items not addressed by a cleaning services:  outside showers (left over soap, sand, and shampoo bottles), grill (food remnants on grates and a full drip pan), sliding glass doors (little people finger prints), decks/patios (furniture not organized  and/or covered with sand), and messy trash and recycling cans.

A note left in the house might help-  placed by a side door or in the utility room for best visibility.  And, make it easy for the tenant to clean up:  a nearby hose, an extra broom by the deck or patio, a grill brush, and plenty of trash cans with well fitting lids.

If you have any rental questions, I am happy to help!  609-967-7950  or



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Community and Business

I am fortunate to work for an established and respected real estate firm:    Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty

Our company is privately owned by Avalon resident Tim Kerr, a well known retired athlete (Philadelphia Flyers) and founder of  TK Charities.

Tim started the annual Labor Day weekend foot race 30 years ago. Over the years, he and his wife Midge have added 6 additional summer events- all raising money for charity.

I’m proud that our business model is rooted at the local community level.  And I’m proud to promote and volunteer at the TK Charities events!



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Left Overs With Less Waste

My daughter in law teaches environmental science on the high school level.  She shared a suggestion of bringing my own container for left overs when dining out.

She knows we eat out often, and that I will take home even a small portion of my meal for lunch or dinner the next day.  I’ve been known to keep a cooler in my car in anticipation of left overs!

So last night, I was able to fit a plastic container in our wine bag (with an ice pack) for our dinner in Cape May.  The bus boy looked confused ;)

A practical eco-friendly idea!


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Bay Views

It was a perfect morning for the annual TK Charities Cedar Island 5K Swim.

Such a fun event!

Added bonus as a volunteer:  an up close perspective of the massive boats and new homes along the bay. Wow!

2018  drone video:  Click Here




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Saturday Sights

Beautiful morning…and weekend!


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Monday Views

THIS is how I started my Monday before work….how about you??



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Cedar Island Swim, August 26th

Sunday, August 26th is the annual Cedar Island 5K Swim.

The race starts at 8:27am at the Avalon Yacht Club (7th Street and the bay).

Swimmers head south along the main channel before turning east along the 20th Street waterway, and then north along Ocean Drive and back to the Yacht Club.

Cheer for the swimmers along the way.  I will be in my red kayak as a volunteer (trying to keep up with the swimmers!)

On the following Sunday, September 2nd, the 30th annual Tim Kerr 7 Mile Island Run - 5K Run/Walk  takes place at 8:30am (Avalon Community Hall, 30th and the beach).

For more info:  TK Charities Events

To view a fun drone video from last year’s Cedar Island  Swim:  Video




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Sunday Sights

A nice breeze, and more comfortable temperatures for my morning walk…


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It’s August

First week if August…which means rental properties are starting to feel a bit run down.

The cleaners work hard at change over to prepare the property for the next guest.   However, there are several areas that definitely need attention by August (and are not part of the typical change over cleaning).

It’s helpful if a property owner stops by once or twice a season to assist with the “extras”:

1) Gas grill- the tenants may be willing to scrub the grates with a wire brush, but no one bothers to empty the grease pan underneath. Marinades and meat drippings eventually become a serious fire hazard.

2) Ceiling fans.

3) Return vents and HVAC filters.

4) Outside showers- toss the used soap and scrub the mildew.

5) Deck furniture, and any outside living space- the cleaners don’t sweep outside or wipe off tables, etc.  While there, clean the outside of the sliding glass doors, too.

6) Bathroom drawers- the cleaners may not open the drawers or cabinets in the bathrooms (remnants of hair brush and make-up storage).

7) Trash cans- after weeks of take out seafood and pizza boxes, the cans could use a good rinse with the hose!

Happy to help with any questions regarding your shore rental property.  609-967-7950


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Repeat Tenants- rental dates

RentSignMost of our weekly vacation home rentals are Saturday to Saturday.

So when a tenant requests “the first week in August”, I need to clarify if they mean July 28th to August 4th,  or August 4th to the 11th.

By the way, the annual Arts and Crafts Festival is the first FULL weekend in August, so their rental request could be based on that event.

When repeat tenants sign up for next year, their weekly dates shift 1 day earlier.  Long time tenants renting the first week of August will eventually be back in July.  And those renting during the 4th of July week will migrate back to June.

We handle several homes with back to back repeat tenants. So the goal is for everyone to shift 1 week ahead in unison…not an easy task!

It’s not even August, and I’m already working on keeping our tenants happy for 2019 :)


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