January Weather

Okay…I will admit that I was feeling proud of myself…maybe even a bit smug.  Every morning, I slipped on my sneakers and iPod to enjoy a long walk on the beach.  Why go to a gym when I have a beautiful view just down the street? 

But this past week, something changed.  It’s called JANUARY- the true test of my dedication to a fitness routine.  I have added a few more layers to face the 20 mph winds and the 30 degree temperatures (it’s not a fashionable look).

My younger son, who lives in Colorado, thinks I’m a wimp when I complain about the cold.  He copes with below freezing temperatures on a regular basis- but it’s a “dry cold” (he says that so we don’t worry). With the mightly Atlantic Ocean nearby, our cold is anything but dry. 

Many of my fellow walkers have fled to warmer climates for the winter (or maybe just to their treadmills).  There are a few hardy souls left and they inspire me to stay outdoors and keep walking!



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