Packs of Dogs

I look forward to Lisa Scottoline’s “Chick Wit” each Sunday in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Back in March, Lisa observed the trend for multiple dogs in a household.  Based on a summer of walks on the beach and around town, I agree that everyone has a dog (or 2 or 3).

I understand that the dogs can’t read the “no dogs” sign at the beach path (although their owner should know better).  But when I am chased or jumped on during my walk- I become less tolerant. 

And I become very possessive of my beach and town when an owner fails to clean up after their dog.  I have seen owners look the other way and pretend not to notice (right on the beach path or at the water’s edge), and maybe even worse- toss the used plastic bag down one of the street gutters (which in turn flows right to the ocean).

Because this will continue to be our reality, Stone Harbor and Avalon need to find the balance of welcoming our summer guests- and enforcing the basic rules.  I have not seen a police officer stop a dog walker on the beach in the early morning hours.  At the very least, I would appreciate the leash rule enforced. No one should feel intimidated to take a peaceful walk along the shore.

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