Fog and Dogs

I was composing today’s entry in my head as I walked along the beach this morning.  It was all positive: a cool and eerie fog, the sweet smell of salt water, a man playing a bugle (seriously), the sun breaking through the clouds…UNTIL an unleashed German Shepherd appeared out of the mist!

I stopped dead in my tracks- and asked the owners to please leash their dog.  They looked confused- why would I mind a large dog running toward me???  I think I may have encountered this same dog last summer (one of many), prompting a similar “vent” in my blog!

Sure enough- on my return, the dog was once again off the leash.  The owner had a difficult time catching the dog- and I had to wait through this process, and endure nasty looks. 

I am not comfortable around dogs, and afraid of certain breeds.  So it’s frustrating to feel intimidated when I just want to enjoy a walk along the beach.

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