Thoughts of Hawaii

HawaiiDuring our vacation in Hawaii last September, we noticed the “Tsunami Evacuation Area” signs and the poles with warning sirens along the coastal roads. 

We also saw a memorial on the Big Island for a small village and school devastated by a tsunami. 

As fellow island residents, we respect the power of the ocean- yet can’t imagine this particular event.   It must be especially frightening for the tourists on the islands.

P.S.  Reading first person accounts of preparations on the islands via      Interesting to hear from those on vacation.

Saturday- 7 pm-  A related comment about the evacuation and warnings in Hawaii:   It’s their tourist season, and the emergency management people were prepared for the worst.   Here at the Jersey Shore, a rare late summer hurricane warning has to be treated with the same level of caution.  The safety of our vacationers and home owners comes first.

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