Islandman Triathlon

The annual Islandman Triathlon will be held Saturday, June 30th.

Letter from Midge Kerr, Race Director:

As in years past, volunteers are needed to man the bike course (7:30am to 9:30am). We would be extremely grateful for any help you can get in securing street coverage. We need to have the bike course closed to vehicle traffic for the adult and youth bike races to ensure the safety of our participants.

The volunteers will stand at the assigned street corners and state to any possible cars that the streets are closed for the charity event and appreciate their understanding until they are once again opened to the public. Some of the athletes will be going up to 30 mph and there will also be up to 450 athletes at the peak of the bike portion to stress the importance of the road closure and the difficulty in finding an opening to pass safely across the roads.
All volunteers get a free tee shirt which should be worn while on the bike course.
This will be color coded for the event and allow the children racing to identify a safe and friendly adult that they can get guidance and /or assistance from if the need arises.
All volunteers are welcome to the post race festivities and foods back at Community Hall.
The success of Islandman and Islandkids Triathlons depends on our Avalon community getting involved and supporting it and our charity partners.
Staffing the bike course is our number one priority, but if someone is unable to do it and would still like to help, we could use volunteers at packet pick up Friday, June 29th from 3-6 pm and race morning from 6-8:30 am.
If you are able to volunteer for this event, please let me know.    Thanks!
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