Recycling Made Easier

As of April 1st, Cape May County will participate in “single stream recycling”.  This will allow property owners and tenants to place ALL of their recycling items together in bins for pick up.

Realistically, rental properties will still need several general recycling bins to hold the items for the weekly pick up.

In Avalon and Stone Harbor, cans are picked up manually.  Therefore, size/weight restrictions for all trash containers remain in place.


Excerpt from an article posted 2/13/13 in The Middle Township Gazette (

STONE HARBOR – The borough is preparing to collect recyclables into one container later this year.

Property owners will receive a four-page brochure that details how recyclable materials can be placed into a single container.

Single-stream recycling begins April 1 in Cape May County.

The materials accepted include plastic containers; tin, steel, and aluminum cans; glass; cardboard; magazines; newspapers and other paper products.

“The goal is to improve the percentage of the waste stream dedicated towards recycling,” reads a statement from the borough. “That effort will also reduce tipping fees paid by the borough.”

A tipping fee is how much the borough pays to take garage to the landfill.

Items that cannot be placed in recycling cans include regular trash, food contaminated boxes, polystyrene packaging, window glass, paint cans, beverage cups and light bulbs. Containers must not be larger than 32 gallons.

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