Avalon and Stone Harbor Sales

Market Update: summary of past 30 days.

salesignA total of 33 properties SOLD in Avalon and Stone Harbor.

22 single family homes; ranging in price from $762,000 for a nice upside down style home just over the 21st Street bridge in Avalon; to $2,750,000 for a new 5 bedroom Stone Harbor home on a large lot with a private pool.  The median selling price for all single family homes: $1,762,500.

7 condo/townhouse units; ranging in price from $250,000 for a 2 bedroom unit above an ice cream shop on Dune Drive in Avalon; to $1,060,000 for a renovated bay front townhouse style at Cornell Harbor in Avalon. The median selling price for all condo/townhouse units was $520,000.

There were 3 vacant lots sold: Corner of 54th and Dune Drive for $950,000; 100 block of 110th Street for $1,400,000; and beach block of 66th Street for $2,450,000.

One multi-family sale: an older side by side building in the 100 block of 83rd Street for $1,037,500 (both units).

The overall median selling price (all categories) $1,363,000.

In addition, there are 44 properties under contract, with settlements scheduled for the near future.  The median asking price for the pending sales is $1,412,500 (final selling price posted after closing).

If you have any questions regarding market value in Avalon or Stone Harbor, please let me know.

I appreciate the opportunity to help!    609-967-7950   or     ann@anndelaney.com

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