Better than Sea World!

The conditions were finally just right for ocean kayaking before work:  calm wind, calm waves, and low tide.

I’ve taken a few painful spills over the years, so I am very cautious!

While paddling parallel with the beach, I saw dolphins way out in “the deep end”- too far for me to venture.  Yet, because it was so quiet, I could hear their tails slapping against the water.  Very cool!

I continued with my laps, and then watched as the dolphins headed my way. What an amazing experience – thrilling and intimidating at the same time!  The dolphins are curious enough to swim next to and under the kayak (with the water so clear I could see one eye to eye!)  They stayed near me for a several minutes before continuing their journey.  What a wonderful way to start my day.

P.S. I tanked riding a wave back into shore…but it was SO worth it 😉


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