Shore House Odors

Yesterday, I previewed a totally renovated townhouse on the bay.  Custom kitchen and baths, beautiful wood floors, attractive furnishings…AND a plug in air freshener that took my breath away!

The owner may believe the scent adds to the appeal, but I assume it’s covering up a problem.   And potential buyers could have the same reaction.

dampridShore properties are closed up for long periods of time.  Plug in air fresheners (even the scented oil diffusers) are just too strong for the space.

If you want to eliminate a damp smell (after confirming it’s not caused by water issues in the crawl space or a leak), I suggest Damp Rid.

The crystals absorb moisture and remove musty smells without adding a fake, perfume odor.

Potential tenants, buyers…and their real estate agents…will appreciate the difference!








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