Ready for Fall?

I wore a sweatshirt for my morning beach walk…it’s officially fall!

So, it must be time for shore property owner reminders:

1) Make sure all of your windows and doors are secured (locked).  This is more about weather than theft.  Wind can rattle a sliding glass door or casement window open, causing damage to the property.

2) Disconnect the outside hose from the faucet, and schedule the outside shower to be winterized.

3) Rinse the salt water off the beach chairs before storing for the season (but leave a few close at hand for that one last beach day!)

4)  Prepare your deck furniture, grill, and trash containers for a potential fall storm (I prefer NOT to use the word hurricane).  Remove the umbrella, and turn small tables upside down (and chairs if they can blow around).  Put trash cans in the outside shower.

And then enjoy the fall views unique to our island!





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