A Realistic View of the Past

I understand the need to reminisce…especially as we grow older.  We often prefer to focus on the “good old days” and dismiss the realities of our history.

The article in Sunday’s New York Times about the Jersey Shore stirred up a few emotional conversations and comments.

Well, I’m here as the voice of reason!

Avalon in the “good old days” was still sparsely developed, with large land areas covered with marsh grass and reeds.  Trucks regularly rode up and down the streets to spray for mosquitos and green heads (likely DDT or other now banned chemicals!).  The children of the island thought it was fun to run behind the trucks through the “white cloud”- yikes!

Cottages were built low to the ground (more vulnerable to flooding), and often without insulation or central heat (and certainly not air conditioning).  It was an upgrade to have a clothes washer out in the shed!

In the 70s, my sisters and I were grateful for waitressing jobs at the old Whitebrier (20th and the beach). Those were the days before smoke free restaurants.  The smell from second hand smoke was imbedded in our polyester uniforms forever!

By the 1980s, I was selling real estate on the island.  Ironically, even back then buyers grumbled about high sale prices.  I would often hear stories of missed opportunities from years past.

Over the years, and still today, buyers purchasing a modest condo are in awe of the water front property owners.  And, first time buyers are in awe of the condo owners.  The seashore real estate food chain!

Even with the inevitable changes, Avalon and Stone Harbor continue to be premier coastal communities.

And I’m lucky to call the island my home 🙂




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