Summer Rental Tips

As the busy summer rental season winds down, this is a good time to review the most common tenant concerns/complaints.

Helpful information for shore property owners as we plan for 2018:

1) Trash – if too few receptacles (trash and recycling) or if the previous tenant fails to put the cans out in time for the scheduled trash days, the new tenants have no room for their garbage.  Options are to hire someone to haul away the excess trash, or purchase additional cans.   Although we mention the specific trash and recycling days to the tenants at check in, a note prominently displayed in the house (and plenty of cans) will help.

2) Grills-  the cleaning crews typically don’t check on the condition of the gas grill.  We rely on the tenant to clean up the grates after use.  Unfortunately, many forget.  Supplying a wire brush helps, along with a posted reminder to empty the drip pan below the grill.  With more property owners converting to a natural gas hook up, swapping out the propane tanks has become less of an issue.  But if you have a propane grill, leave an extra tank on site.

3) Electronics- every house is one wrong button or remote away from television frustration! Step by step instructions and labeled remotes are key.  A renter suggested a list of the TV channels?  ”It seems to take me a while to learn where channels are and I forget year to year. ”

4) Beach tags- one of my owners had an excellent solution for beach tags.  He pinned the tags to one or two of the beach chairs they provided for the tenants. This way the tags stayed at the house at the end of the tenant’s week.

5) Cleaning- even with a thorough spring cleaning, properties start to show wear and tear by mid-summer.  Change over cleanings do not include ceiling fans, air conditioning return vents, deck furniture, outside showers, etc.  Worthwhile to arrange a more thorough cleaning by August, or if practical, ride down for one or two of the change overs to handle the extra items.

I am happy to walk through your property and discuss suggested rates and/or improvements.






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  1. Sylvia Maconaghy
    Posted September 6, 2017 at 12:56 am | Permalink

    As a renter may I also suggest a list of the TV channels? It seems to take me a while to learn where channels are and I forget year to year.

  2. Posted September 7, 2017 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    Excellent point- will add!

  3. Marcella
    Posted October 9, 2017 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

    When we 1st rented 10 years ago, the TV/DVD set-up was so complicated it took us most of a week to figure out what buttons/channels were needed to simply put a movie in for the kids. My young daughter finally figured it out, and laboriously wrote down the instructions on the back of a handy flyer so we wouldn’t forget the next time.

    Ten years later, my daughter’s instructions are still tucked beneath the DVD player, now a bit crumpled and faded, from all the years of tenants referring to them. How nice it would have been had the owner provided those instructions right from the get-go.

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