Defending the Island: Past, Present, and Future

I follow a number of professional writers on Twitter, and often see the phrase: “Don’t read the comments”.

Yet the other day, an old time photo was posted by the Avalon History Center, and I made the mistake of scrolling through the responses- ugh!

I understand nostalgia, but why use those fond memories to complain about your view of the current state of our community?  Realistically, the “good old days” where not perfect either.

My husband and I are both shore kids- he grew up in Wildwood, and I was raised in Avalon.  The beach towns provided tourist related jobs during our teen years, and ultimately our adult careers.

Even back in the day, Avalon and Stone Harbor did not have a booming a year round population. Summer residents made up the majority of home owners -then and now.

Year round property owners were not “driven out by increasing property values”. In fact, some cashed out due to changes in life circumstances and benefited from the equity. During my 38 years of selling real estate, I helped several older property owners moving to senior living communities closer to their grown children.  They specifically mentioned their inability to afford the facility without the profit.

Other full time residents sold and purchased homes off the island free and clear- with a remaining nest egg for the future.  It’s a personal financial decision, and we are fortunate to have that option and a solid asset!

Change is hard. Some regulars didn’t know if Avalon would survive when Donnelly’s Deli closed; or refused to return to Stone Harbor without Henny’s!

Yet life goes on.

The island remains a premier destination for all the right reasons: strict zoning, diligent public works personnel maintaining the streets, beach, and parks, top notch recreation areas, and wonderful downtown shopping and dining options.

Oh, and happy residents willing to share their town with seasonal visitors :)






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