Observations while walking

Guess it’s the real estate agent in me!

While walking, I tend to notice if something is not quite right.  I am often closing storm doors and pool gates, returning trash cans to the side yard, or investigating if I see an unusual amount of water around a house.

I will notify an owner (or their agent) if a window or door is left open.

The local police are very responsive when I call, yet have expressed frustration if they don’t have contact information on file.

Properties with alarms are required to install a Knox Box with a door key inside.  All other home owners should share a cell phone number with the police department for emergencies.

AND, my annual reminder that a “winter watch” service provides peace of mind, and helps to protect your valuable asset!

P.S. This storm door was blown open the other morning.  Called the agent who works with the owner so that the door and outdoor light can be repaired.


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    I appreciate your concern and accountability for your fellow New Jersey neighbors! Doing inspections across the state, I have been very surprised by how many storm doors have done this exact thing – especially on the coast. I wish every real estate agent was as thoughtful as you are! If you ever need a good home inspection performed on your property, fell free to give us a call. Home Inspection Newark

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