Outdoor Dining- an update

The phrase “when this is all over” feels abstract.

In the meantime, restaurant owners have been super creative with outdoor venues and dining options.  If only they could control the fickle summer weather!

While enjoying an early morning breakfast on the Avalon boardwalk, listening to the ocean in the distance, I commented to our Fishin’ Pier Grille waitress  that I hope THIS part can remain.  She said she hears it all the time!

Recently I was reminded of the incredible losses owners are experiencing when I walked inside a local restaurant to use the restroom.  Too see rows of tables, booths, and the bar area completely empty was stunning.

We will continue to support the local businesses that adhere to proper safety guidelines.

P.S.  When talking with friends and co-workers about going out to eat, the first question we ask each other is “did it feel safe” rather than “how was your meal”- our new normal!




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