Rental License, Avalon and Stone Harbor

fireextingFor 2022 rental licenses in Avalon and Stone Harbor, NJ:

The inspected and tagged fire extinguisher will no longer be permitted inside a cabinet.

Make plans to mount the fire extinguisher in the kitchen in an open location in order to pass the inspection for the 2022 rental season.

This new regulation should be posted on the 2021/2022 renewal paperwork.

More specifics from the Borough of Avalon:

The extinguisher must be labeled, charged and operable.

• Extinguishers must be within 10 feet of the kitchen and located in the path of egress, or near the way out.

• Units must be readily accessible and visible.

• Extinguishers must be mounted using the manufacturer’s hanging bracket, so the operating instructions are clearly visible.

• The extinguisher cannot weigh more than 10 pounds.

• Extinguishers must be an approved type with a minimum rating of 2A-10B:C.

• Upon inspection of the home, the owner’s manual or written operational instructions must be provided and left for the new occupant.

• The unit must be serviced and tagged by a certified Division of Fire Safety contractor within the past 12 months, or the homeowner must have a receipt for a recently purchased extinguisher.

• When the unit is mounted, the top cannot be more than five feet above the floor.

 Whereas the extinguisher used to be allowed to exist under the sink, it now has to be visible. As such, we need to hang a fire extinguisher to pass the fire cert.


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