Life as a Landlord

I have handled Avalon and Stone Harbor vacation rentals for property owners my entire real estate career (40 years- yikes!)

That experience has helped me personally as a landlord…I can totally relate to the highs and lows!

On each visit to our condo, I systematically tackle tasks not addressed by change over cleaning.

1) Oh great, a tenant put a frying pan back in the cabinet without cleaning off pieces of their omlet!  Frustrating because it’s gross, and also embarrassing if this happened several tenants back and subsequent tenants thought we were careless owners.

2) Missing items.  It’s an ongoing mystery with the variety of household items that disappear; and inconvenient because we need to quickly replace before the next guest.

3) Dishes and glassware.  I organize the cabinets and take note of what needs to be purchased.

4) Sand removal.  Mattress pads, dining room chair cushions, and outdoor furniture…sand is everywhere!

A few more cleaning suggestions by a fellow (and very hands on) rental property owner:

Microwave for leftover Grandpop’s special marinara sauce.

Freezer for frozen drips from grandchildren ice pops.

Dishwasher with dirty dishes from last minute breakfast.

Gas grill for baked on BBQ sauce.

Gas grill for full tank.

There are many more details, but the idea is to give the incoming family a clean and welcoming home for a relaxing vacation.

Life as a landlord can be challenging.  Yet for now, the income justifies the hard work!




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