Life as a Tenant

I’m a full time rental agent, landlord… and, occasionally a tenant.

Last week, I rented 2 homes in the mountains of North Carolina near the venue for a family wedding.

Both homes were managed by the same agency (Carolina Mornings) and similarly priced.  Yet with 2 different property owners, the experiences varied.

One home had at least half of the kitchen cabinets locked, and a sparse inventory of dish ware and overall supplies.  The cabin was clean and comfortable, but this left a disappointing impression of the landlord.

The other cabin was perfect.  It really felt like we were staying as guests in a well loved home.  I appreciated the labels in the kitchen so that items could be returned to their proper spot (helpful when unloading the dishwasher).   The interior and exterior furnishings were comfortable and clean. Bedding was high quality.  In every room, there were thoughtful amenities and extras.

It was a great reminder to me (as both an agent and landlord) about the importance of the tenant experience.





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