Rental change over day

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to witness the busy change over day in South Carolina.

Funny to observe how the routine is so similar to our weekly life here in Avalon and Stone Harbor!

Tenants were up early to pack up their cars. With the larger homes, there’s inevidble chaos as family members search for their belongings and discuss who is responsible for what task.

The proper disposal of trash and recycling is a common dilemma.  There were a few bags left out at the curb (not inside a can) and within hours, animals made a mess of the contents.

In our building, tenants in the unit below left their fishing gear on the landing.  Inside the bucket, a previously live crab was really starting to smell!

When neighbors express frustration about rental properties,  I understand (as a rental agent, landlord, AND neighbor!)

While the majority are respectful, the few careless tenants leave a bad impression with the surrounding property owners.



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