Tenant Observations

Tenant observations:

We rented a condo last week in South Carolina to accommodate a family vacation.

Even after a long career of managing rental properties in Avalon and Stone Harbor, I still gain important perspective from each experience as a tenant.

For instance, our son and his family arrived Saturday evening hoping to watch the end of the World Series.  There was a small, handwritten note to log on to YouTube to operate the televisions (no cable).  I scrolled through while they were unloading their car, and could only find the game on a Japanese channel!  I gave up after a few minutes.

Our young grandsons were sharing the bedroom with twin beds.  There were cloth mattress pads on those beds, but no plastic wraps underneath- not practical for a kids’ bedroom (or any bedroom for that matter).

The unit had been attractively renovated- including the appliances.  Odd that there was no ice maker (just one ice cube tray in the freezer).

Although none were major issues, it made me realize that tenant expectations play a key role in the overall opinion of a rental home.

Landlord Observation:

During that same week, we handled landlord duties in our place across the street.  These working visits allow me to empathize with fellow rental property owners.  Yet by the time we are walking out the door (dragging the Swiffer behind!) I feel a sense of pride for our efforts to please the incoming guests.








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