It’s odd to think about all of the changes in our lives since 2020.

The other day, I was talking to the man who regularly picks up dry cleaning on the island (he was dropping off a bed comforter to me at my office).  In the past, the local real estate offices kept him busy with dress shirts, suits, and silk blouses!  I joked that we don’t dress up anymore…and he agreed that it’s changed his business.

Another recent conversation with a friend was about shopping malls. She mentioned that the King of Prussia Mall was deserted last week, and I realized I can’t even remember the last time I was inside a mall.  The “Amazon” effect was being felt before the pandemic, but now on-line shopping is the norm for many.

We live in a contactless society.  Kiosks in Wawa, fast food restaurants and LabCorp.  Self check out options at the Acme, CVS and Home Depot.   I’m guessing the expansion of this technology was boosted by Covid protocols.

So how does this relate to real estate?  Technology allows consumers to easily search for properties, and communicate remotely via text or email for more information.  Yet Zillow does not know the fine details of a particular home and/or location.  That’s why an experienced agent is key 🙂

I have a lifetime of experience of living/working on the island…and I’m here to help!

Thank you for your business and referrals.



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