Landlord Tasks

We spent last week in South Carolina handling “landlord duties”.

Our last trip down was in May, so the condo needed some love and attention!

First up-

  1. Find everything and return to its proper location. This is especially true in the kitchen. Occasionally, I agree with the tenants’ storage solutions and change my organizational plan accordingly.
  2. Sand removal- from dresser drawers, under chair cushions, and even in the freezer.
  3. Dust removal- from ceiling fans, the top of appliances, under beds, return vents, etc.
  4. Laundry- wash all bedding, mattress pads, throw rugs, blankets, and bath mats.
  5. Inventory- we provide sheets and towels, so we have to check on the condition of those items.
  6. Replace- swap out shower curtain liners and add new dishtowels, bath towels, as needed.
  7. Unclutter- thing accumulate from a summer of visitors. Sometimes it’s the bonus of newer “beach books”, but often, it’s items that need to be tossed.
  8. Clean, clean clean- that includes all dishes, pots and pans, glassware, and silverware. I don’t want incoming tenants to find crusty food left behind. This also allows me to check for broken and rusty items that need to be replaced.
  9. Repairs- there’s always something that needs attention.

After all of the hard work, there’s a real sense of satisfaction when finished. I know our incoming fall guests will (hopefully) be happy.

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