Flooding Facts

During an average day, it’s hard to picture our streets and sidewalks under water.  Yet there are sections of our seven mile island vulnerable to heavy rains and tidal flooding.  When emergency management sounds the siren, and reminds us to “move vehicles and personal property to higher ground”- do most owners know what to do?

Ironically, the areas closer to the ocean are typically high and dry. The bay side (Ocean Drive/ Third Avenue) is more likely to flood.  And for some reason, the business district in both towns can get pretty soggy, too.

When I am working with buyers, I point out the low areas as we look at property.  I know I have discouraged a few sales over the years by describing the effects of a typical winter storm,  but I don’t want a new owner to be caught off guard.  If they still choose to purchase in that neighborhood, the buyer will at least know where to move their car when they hear the flood warning!

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