Electric Island Car

At the end of January, we took delivery of a new Subaru Solterra EV – our first experience with an electric vehicle other than our e-bikes!

For now, I am using a standard outside outlet by our driveway for (slow) charging. I am fortunate to have access to faster charging options within walking distance of my office, but I haven’t used them yet.

Because most of my driving is on the island or nearby, the limitations of an electric vehicle are not a major concern. Plus we still have a standard gas car for long road trips.

At 100% charged, the realistic driving distance is approximately 180 miles. An overnight charge will typically add 20% to the battery. So I’ve been plugging in most days after work to keep a reasonable charge.

I haven’t ventured far enough to need to connect to a super charger to complete a trip- I guess that’s next on the list!

Summary- for local driving, it’s ideal. A fun “beach car” for sure!

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