Renting a Beach House

We had a positive experience renting a condo for our recent vacation in South Carolina.  Interesting to compare the differences in procedures in other beach areas:

1) Linens and bath towels were supplied by the rental management company- very helpful since we were flying to our destination.   This extra perk explains the additional change over time needed (10am check out/ 4 pm check in- we are 10am/2pm).

2) Clutter versus supplies- I’ve seen rental homes here with kitchen drawers and cabinets filled with “stuff”.  This rental was the opposite-  a well equipped kitchen, but no sandwich bags, foil, spices, laundry detergent, etc.   Guessing that the cleaning service removes all of the extras between each tenant (we put the almost full bottle of laundry detergent on a closet shelf- hoping the next guest can use it).   I understand the policy, but it’s nice to have a few basics on hand to start (and replace as needed).

3) Properties offered by this management company are all smoke free…and offer wireless Internet service.   Most of our rental homes are smoke free (owner’s choice) and at least 50% have Internet access- a popular amenity with tenants.

It’s important for rental property owners to understand the competition for a tenant’s hard earned vacation dollar- in the immediate area, and other beach destinations as well.   When I am on the “other side”, I have a new appreciation for the service expected by tenants and owners- it’s a great learning experience.

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