Again…Beachfill Update

This article was posted today on the Borough of Avalon web site :

Avalon to receive 600,000 cubic yards of sand for its beachfront from 9th-26th Streets

(Avalon, NJ)—Avalon officials learned early Monday morning that a major emergency beach fill project in the community is again underway. Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company informed Avalon that it completed Sea Isle City’s portion of the joint beach fill project late Sunday evening, and the dredge was being moved to Avalon Monday morning to complete Avalon’s beach fill. The dredge will begin pumping sand onto Avalon’s 11th Street beach Monday morning, June 14th, and continue to move south over the next two weeks.

Great Lakes had mobilized two dredges, the “Alaska” and the “Illinois”, to conduct this major beach fill project. The “Alaska” suffered a major mechanical malfunction during the early stages of Avalon’s beach fill and had to be taken to Virginia for repairs. The “Illinois” completed Sea Isle City’s beach fill project on June 13th, and will now finish the replenishment effort in Avalon.

The completion date for the entire project included in the contract with Great Lakes is July 1st. The beach fill in Avalon is expected to be completed several days before that deadline. A similar beach fill project conducted in Avalon in 2008 was completed on June 30th, still in advance of the busiest weekend of the summer.

Avalon will receive 600,000 cubic yards of sand on the Borough’s beachfront from 9th Street south to 26th Street. Avalon received permit modifications and was able to increase the volume of sand being placed on our local beaches by 100,000 cubic yards. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has agreed to reimburse Avalon for 75 percent of the costs associated with the emergency beach fill project.

Updates on Avalon’s beach fill are available at

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