Don’t Touch That Dial?

Excuse the car analogy:  Just because the speedometer CAN go up to 150mph, doesn’t mean it SHOULD.

A thermostat for air-conditioning, and the temperature control dial in the refrigerator follow the same guidelines.

2 common scenarios when tenants arrive to their rental property:

1) The house is warm, so they turn the A/C down to 60 degrees. This method does not work more effectively than setting it at a reasonable 72 degrees.   In fact, if left to run at this setting, ice will form on the condenser, and the unit will completely shut down.

2) The refrigerator door is propped open early Saturday while the departing tenants remove their items, and then again when the cleaners are there to wipe it out.  The new tenant arrives with their (warm) food, and then adds even more items after grocery shopping.  It doesn’t feel cold enough in the refrigerator, so they turn the dial all the way up.   We receive a call that the refrigerator is warm, but the freezer is cold.  Unfortunately, by turning the dial UP, the coils freeze over and stop working.  The solution is to turn the dial back to a medium setting and leave the door shut for a few hours.  This does not sound logical when explained to a tenant, but an appliance repair man will make the exact same call.   And it works.

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