Wednesday Island Tour

After retrieving my car from the other side of the bridge, I was able to drive around and post pictures/ updates on Twitter. See my Twitter site to browse through.

Overview: the bay front and adjacent streets took the brunt of the storm. Many docks were damaged. Marsh reeds everywhere. Flood waters entered low lying areas :(

The flood waters and heavy rain had nowhere to drain, and therefore traveled much farther than we have ever seen. Marsh reeds and debris were carried in the water and deposited in yards all around the island.

On the beach side of the island, the dunes held strong. There was serious beach erosion, yet no worse than I have seen in past major storms. Most beach paths end with a steep cliff (blocked off for safety). The dune fencing washed away – leaving just sticks in the sand. Wood ramps are in pieces; hanging in mid-air.

The inlet area of Avalon was battered.  This is the one area where I saw sand in the street.  At the First Avenue and 7th Street parking area, there were jetty boulders that actually washed over- as well as a section of the metal sea wall.

The lagoon area of Avalon is in good shape.  Homeowners reported that the bay did rise over the bulkhead (not a common event)- and there is extensive dock damage.

The business district in both towns were hard hit. Many ground level buildings had several feet of water inside. It drained by the following day, yet left major damage. Today, weary business owners were tossing, mopping, and cleaning their way through.  Sad…

As a community, we are grateful. The devastation in nearby shore towns puts it all in perspective.

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