Crazy or Lucky?

Occasionally, I meet someone who can’t understand how anyone could live on the island year round.  ”Isn’t is desolate?” (Yes, at times).  ”And how about the wind?”  (Our house does rattle a bit in the winter)  ”Is anything open?” (We always have Wawa!).


BeachViewI see a different view each and every day as I walk over the beach path.

I have shared my beach walks with seals, snowy owls, and even a bald eagle.

I have walked along a snow and ice covered beach.

I feel the warmth of a rising sun reflecting off the ocean.

I find beautiful sea glass at the water’s edge.

I have quietly squealed when surrounded by dolphins while ocean kayaking.

I have ducked from a great blue heron taking flight while kayaking in the bay.

I am able to breathe in fresh salt air year round.

I witness the seasonal change of colors of the marsh and dune grass.

I watch the full moon rise gracefully over the horizon.

I watch the colors of a setting sun fill the western sky.

Yes, I’m grateful to live here :)



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  1. Eileen
    Posted March 19, 2015 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

    Me too!!

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