It’s August

First week if August…which means rental properties are starting to feel a bit run down.

The cleaners work hard at change over to prepare the property for the next guest.   However, there are several areas that definitely need attention by August (and are not part of the typical change over cleaning).

It’s helpful if a property owner stops by once or twice a season to assist with the “extras”:

1) Gas grill- the tenants may be willing to scrub the grates with a wire brush, but no one bothers to empty the grease pan underneath. Marinades and meat drippings eventually become a serious fire hazard.

2) Ceiling fans.

3) Return vents and HVAC filters.

4) Outside showers- toss the used soap and scrub the mildew.

5) Deck furniture, and any outside living space- the cleaners don’t sweep outside or wipe off tables, etc.  While there, clean the outside of the sliding glass doors, too.

6) Bathroom drawers- the cleaners may not open the drawers or cabinets in the bathrooms (remnants of hair brush and make-up storage).

7) Trash cans- after weeks of take out seafood and pizza boxes, the cans could use a good rinse with the hose!

Happy to help with any questions regarding your shore rental property.  609-967-7950


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